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Just hours before President Trump delivers his state of the union address where he will include a strong economy is part of his accomplishments. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says economists economic said is is why President Trump was elected administrations left wing policies disproportionately benefited the nation's largest metropolitan areas. It turned out that policies trumped up in places like New York, and San Francisco worked pretty well in places, like New York and San Francisco, but the rest of the country decided we can do better we will carry the president's address as well as the Democrats response live tonight at eight starting starting at eight here on WLS AM. Eight ninety Naperville police are investigating a hit and run the took place around one o'clock this afternoon. It happened in the area south of I eighty eight between route fifty nine and Raymond drive. No word on the condition of the person who was struck and the in Chicago. A woman was hit by a car this morning near rush University Medical Center in the Illinois medical district. A twenty year old was walking across the. St. around nine thirty AM at Harrison and Ashland. When she was struck by the car and suffered a broken hip. The driver has been issued citations for hitting a pedestrian failure to stop after an accident and driving without insurance. And the Chicago police department says it has no record that the pilot killed in a deadly California. Plane crash was a retired officer Nick gale has more. The Orange County California sheriff's department had identified the pilot is seventy five year old Antonio pass teeny and said he was a retired Chicago police officer who had been living in Nevada. But you're kogo police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says there's no record of an officer by that name ever working in Chicago, Orange County sheriff's spokeswoman Kerry bronzes coroner's investigators recovered credentials from past any that appeared to identify him as a retired Chicago officer. But after discussions with the Chicago police department, they've determined the credentials are not legit Brown says the identification of the pilot as Tonio Pakistani though is not in question. Nick, gale WLS AM, eight nine news. Now, look at the roads, if you're traveling on the EIB he's out to lake cook thirty.

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