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Down at the blue light gives it the stamkos now it's too miller final minimum play in i shot that goes why trapped by kucherov nearside for surrogate jet back to kucherov top of the the circle rishaad blocked in many comes out to the neutral zone and beyond block thereby jack whitening send it in with thirty six seconds ago see rison picks it up sent it down the center the is will it roll it rolls wide and this will be icing all you know iverson had a little more time than he thought he could have thrown it a little higher so i wouldn't have gone for icing i know it's pressure but it's gonna be games like this that are gonna count big down the stretch and into the playoffs from bake blocked by the devils last night was one of the best this one ranks right up there twenty nine point four seconds to go faceoff to kim k dry boil will take the draw tampa bay net is empty skaters on for the lightning devils with the one goal lead drop boil wins it down the center of the ice this'll go wide as well and this'll be icing no it's waved off so twenty two seconds ago tampa bay thought it was an icing but though here comes mcdonagh and it was all fans on his past down it's loose polat with it hounded by paul mary turns with twelve opera ahead it goes to court drives it wide of net eight seconds remaining in the game here's into the corner sends it behind the net his past that in front does wide now here's the corner centers it's the and the devils are gonna win victory are the most gutsy wins i seen in a long time now the tampa bay lightning your argument about it should have been an icing but keith kincaid doesn't know where the last shot goes neither his brian doyle has come back into the crease and he's laying on these two guys are looking around what is going on a little bit of chaos at the end but overall devils were calm cool now they're going to center ice this crowd and they are having.

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