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And win a thirty something year old man comes in busts out toni braxton right there's like like the crowd loves it it's like you don't you don't have to be the art is exactly but if you even meet them half way than the there yeah absolutely i think those are those are great wants to keep to keep in your pocket and they're so they're so motive you can really just like leave it all out there i mean you know i could do seal that can be a motive but if i do toni braxton yeah all right enough of us singing women songs no that's amazing we will definitely return to this topic and also cover holding clear date but i wanted to give you time before it turned into a pumpkin if you wanted to ask me questions about podcasting question mark yeah the reason i pod cast you because you are interested in podcasting as well what what is your you want to do podcast actually before we get to me how are you how are you teaming these episodes is a person per episode it's typically a person per episode i thought i thought when i was like white boarding it got us i wasn't white boarding it that i would do things like oh i'll do like a season of just karaoke type stuff for do a season of like travel people doing travel at aside to do whatever i want i'm just gonna release thing so semantically it's every week i have a special guest at talks about something that either illuminates my back story or history that'd be interesting for wes or if we just chat about something that we have in common or that were passionate about.

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