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At the scene of the shooting provided them digital trail and the manhunt continues for another suspect. We'll update the story straight ahead, nine thirty three traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Here's Dave star Lino south of town on twenty four northbound, it's backed up from route twenty seven to a crash that's blocking two left lanes before route one thirty nine and then slow getting onto ninety three. Both directions of the lower end of ninety three seeing delays between route twenty four in the expressway. Expressway northbound back from furnace brook Parkway past Columbia road and then jammed getting into the O'neil tunnel. Route three northbound is heavy from union street? Ninety five north is slow for Nepad street to one twenty eight in one twenty eight north on the brakes from route one thirty five to route twenty pike east is busy through Natick, and west than than very heavy and slow in spots between one twenty eight and the Pru tunnel because of an earlier problem north of the city on ninety three southbound reports of a crash before route one twenty eight four ninety five south slow route twenty eight pass ninety three one twenty eight southbound heavy and slow main street to route ninety three and then from route three pass route two route three southbound, heavy from the Lowell connector to concord road. And then slow getting the one Twenty-eight David struck Pollino WBZ traffic on the threes showers in Boston. Right now, fifty eight degrees, only to the mid sixties today rainbow, last throughout the day against heavy at times this afternoon. Causing some road flooding and flooding in poor drainage areas. Also a chance for thunderstorm cloudy later on tonight with a shower or two lingering fifty five to sixty tomorrow, little bit.

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