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Wi PC Mobile News on the level on the go building Better fathers. Good morning. Happy Father's Day. It's 73 Sunny. I'm Donny Burgess. Here's what's training at 903. The fathers and family centre has helped put single fathers on the right track for over 100 years. President CEO Dr Wallace McLaughlin says the centers built on a three pronged system. The one is the strong fathers. And that is the entry point where men come into the agency and enrolled in our job readiness, Parenting fatherhood, Claire's, and We really prepare them for employment for the HSC and then career and training programs. After that, Dr McLaughlin says fathers are connected to local Employers and offered mental and behavioral health services. You can learn more. Our fathers and family center dot org. Five people were shot this morning says I m p d. All of the victims are awake and breathing. Police found victims on north boasts are East, 21st Street, Georgia and South Meridian Streets and south of Biltmore Avenue. If you know anything about any of the shootings that happen in those areas this morning call I m p. D. If you don't like the storms and dark clouds will buckle up because they're not going anywhere. We're not really expecting much of a change until Tuesday. Cold Front was going to move through Monday. Some lingering showers and thunderstorms, temperatures much cooler and also much drier on Tuesday. National Weather Service meteorologist Mike Cash says storms will last throughout today into Monday so far over 20 flights from the Indianapolis International Airport. Have been delayed because of severe weather. The forecast from the American Standard Cooling Weather Center should be a warm day. Today We're starting off with temperatures in the lower to middle seventies with a partly sunny sky isolated shower chance later on this afternoon high temperatures topping out in the upper eighties and wish TV storm jacket Stephanie made for 93 wi BC I'm Donny Burgess on the level on the go and on wi b c dot com The following is a paid program. The views expressed in the following program do not necessarily reflect the views of the staff and management of Wi B. C or M s communications..

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