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Be founded, V As in Victor V. S u w dot org's Aerosols, batteries and painter has it his household products. You just can't throw away in the trash. But the city of Phoenix has a solution for you. We're not gonna be offering home stuff collection of these materials starting in the next few weeks, Lucas Mary, anchor with the city of Phoenix, explains a six month program was created with safety in mind admit the pandemic At the end of the day. I think that this program specifically home collection is probably the most convenient way we can offer to really excited about this. That makes it easy way to keep these materials out of our ways. Dream. The city expects a program which will come at no extra charge to residents to divert up to 700 tons of ways from landfills. Gabriel Dominion Key to our News, All right, D trend with another Look, It's traffic from the Valley Chevy dealers. Traffic Center. Thank you, sir. It has really been a light ride. And right now I think the sunshine is your biggest obstacle. It's in your face right now. Especially if you're traveling eastbound. That's the only thing that really that's giving you a hard time. The freeway crash. We're working his minor eastbound one. No one had 51st Avenue off, right? There's another freeway, Rick, but you got to go way way out West to see it. I 10 westbound at Buckeye Saloon, wrote a crash off to the right there as well. Also here in town to service tree crashes to avoid 83rd Avenue and I 10 and also a wreck over a 27th Avenue and Thomas. I'd avoid that one too. This travel before brought to you by Valley Wise Health Valley wise health quality care, trusted providers and convenient locations offer affordable healthcare toe..

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