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Here, knsd Am 7 90 Tucson's most stimulating talk three things. I think you need to know number one. Is that? Ah, the FBI now has Hunter's laptop and again, like I told you, one of their best investigators that investigates child pornography has signed this subpoena for it. That is. I mean, what does that tell you? What's on Hunter? Biden's laptop, right? We can only speculate right now. But Rudy was all with us. Said he found pictures so disturbing you turned them over to the Delaware state police. That's that's crazy pictures out now again, more pictures of Hunter and Joe and a Kazakhstan gazillionaire who wanted influence and power and everything. And I never ask Hunter about his business dealings. I don't know anything about them. Except when I pose in pictures. Go out to dinner and have them the chai calms beat in the White House. Yeah, but sides that I never asked. Second thing that I think you need to know is that we're getting to this deuce Afer has Ah said. All right, we're gonna relax some rules. So you can actually do karaoke E and play bowling and induce, Um ah, place and pool and throw some axes. But there's severe restrictions about them. You must wear a mask for all of them, Of course. Ah, and we'll get into the fun hating rules coming up in just a minute. Third thing I think you need to know. Ah, and ah, man, there's there's a lot. I mean, which one year the whole show is what you need to know. Right. I mean, it's all there. Certainly no CDC What's that information that gets ignored by the media? First, they said, the Gators don't work. They don't advise them. There's no actual science says they worked the study that was done. University of Georgia talked about last week. It was done with the manufacturer that makes them so It was completely compromised. So there's no sciences. Gators actually stop anything and if people are going I'm protecting myself. Get out of here anyway. Um They report that the percentage of covert deaths has declined since early September. Yet the media's like we're all going down is like a sin. They said The percent of testing positive has increased or remain stable throughout the country. There you go. That's when you have three things. I think you need to know really quick. We've got to get into this. And Ryan wanted to comment on it. We got cut short in a 6 A.m. hour and I want you to hear it. Wait. Maybe this has to do with the actual lawsuit itself. You have Willoughby was the Ilhan Omar would be terrible. Worm and Ellen Woman. He's the professor that is representing over 100 bars, including a bunch here in Tucson, suing the governor because he is just going going after him. And it's ridiculous and some of these bars they, you know, they bring people in by playing darts and karaoke and pool and can't do any of that stuff. So here's the best part. So now you can go bowling is now allowed. I don't know about that. Did you know bowling was not a lot. I had no idea. No, no, no, I can't keep it, but you have to bring in your own ball. Because they can't just spray lice all into where your fingers go by that I have been my line. I talk about the show. I was always grossed out that people can eat in a bowling alley. People literally. You don't know these people's fingers have been They all use the same ball and they eat nachos and cheese sticks and everything is disgusting. Lick their fingers. Put it back in the ball. I've never been a fan of that. I've never thought of it until now. Thanks. You're welcome. How can people not think of that? The ball the hell wasn't anybody watching her? Yeah. What do you think goes in the holes? Fingers. So anyway, you can't bowl unless you bringing your own bowling ball. Axe throwing. I've done that once. I want to do it again. I didn't is a close. I thought I saw pictures of people doing it Still, Apparently, the governor wants you to bring in your own acts. I'm not making that up. I'm not making that up. You have to literally bring in your own axe. And when it comes to bowling and axe throwing The governor's rules are you have to do with a mask on and if they're with people, everyone must remain seated. Except the person rolling the ball or throwing the axe. So you're gonna drop me off for my wife was like we need to go ax throwing again because she found it to be fun. And she watches a lot of snapped where wives kill husbands, so she's good at it. And she was it frightens me, but she wants to go again. And I'm thinking, all right, we go with friends. Witnesses. We're adults here, right? We're in our forties and we're not going. I can't stand up and share on my wife. I can't show so we can all go out to dinner instead of a table together, But we cannot stand up. If we go bowling or axe, throwing the only person that can say the governor's treating us like kids. I am so sick of this freaking loser. I can't stand this guy. He needs to go somewhere else. Go take a job somewhere else, Just leave and honestly, the fact that there's no Republican lawmaker Just mocking the hell out of the governor for such a stupid, stupid set of rules. I don't understand it. Nobody is going to take this seriously and think it's the right thing to do. Unless you're of course. Liberal wacko. Ah, Dr Teresa calm, but but she actually doctor treats Colin. You know what she'd actually say? No, we shouldn't have any of this at all. You have this like, I don't need him to be my dad. I don't need Doug Ducey to order me around. I have a wife, right? That's it..

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