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I am jeff schwartz nfl veteran alongside jeff another jeff for the g fourteen years imagery baseball and ryan hollins ten years in the nba this is a big week in the nfl frequency it's the one opportunity we're talking off air with with jeff one opportunity to get some guaranteed money in our contracts because we do not have guaranteed contracts unlike baseball basketball so you try to get as much guarantee t money's you cannot up front because that's typically the second contract only time you're able to make life changing money generational money but this we we the first player kirk cousins to sign with the the minnesota vikings i fully guaranteed contract three years eighty four million dollars and when these big contracts come up not just housing that we see often lima engineer while broke off with she sammy watkins getting sixteen year thirty guaranteed from the chiefs allen robinson we've seen all these contracts we've seen some even today vinny curry signs with the bucks that f again cut by the eagles that was fast and and we see players from time to time gill salty about it a little jealous about some of these deals i will say this i privately may or may not text some of my friends in a little bit of jealousy and i'll tell you why the cat we have a cap right so it goes up by ten million a year i was in the time when i was a free agent where the cap was flat because we have new cba out i don't think our cb's good so for four years or so three years or so there was really no big uptick so the contract i got while i'm very fortunate to have the money i have in the contract that i had it would be like two and a half times what it is now and in my position offense align because because it takes so long to develop players coming out of college they have to pay off its alignment so much money that are average down the nfl because they just need someone to take that spot because they can't draft the.

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