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The winners in wyoming and especially the wind and the snow and the ice on the roads. Just this idea of employees traveling to the refineries. And maybe for you know having or if there's some some sort of issue with the car off the road right whenever we could come up with a million different examples being able to have employees check in emerging abby on this kind of work for safety in more broad emergency response management issues that they come across south. You know to your point eventually we will get to the back end of this pandemic whether this is a month from now or six months from now or or whenever and so. The flexibility of happiness inhere by proposition off. I think i was executive the word that i was about to use. Says like you're going to have value proposition on this. In a lot of different applications guys were were at the end again. Thank you for coming on. I wanna thank again. Everyone for tuning in please tune in again next week for another episode of anderson hauser's oil and gas. Hse podcast a production of the oil and gas global network anderson. Hauser is your reliable. Us based partner for measurement instrumentation services and solutions. We are your people for process automation. As i mentioned at the beginning of this podcast you can discover more about anderson hauser by going to our website as i said that's link is posted in the show notes of this podcast along with anderson hauser's linked in and twitter address. Please leave us a on itunes and tell your friends about us on all your social media and we'll see next time hey everybody it's savannah from ot an and here are the events on deck for march twenty twenty one this month we only have three events. But if you'd like the full list you can click the link in the show notes. Sign up for our events. Newsletter we send it out every month and includes more info about the events. I talk about here. Even include events that occur two months ahead of time so three interested in being in about oil and gas events. Make sure to check that out. I we have our to in person. Events are g here now live event on march fourth app. Trust goes in the memorial area of houston texas in the texas wildcatters. Open at black horse golf club in cypress texas next up we have our three online events sarah week from march first to fifth transform on from march i seven and the tam usb economic enhancement of march twenty six other than these events oggi end maybe hosting some more livestreams this month so make sure to check out our facebook linked in or our website for more information about any of the livestreams. Have coming up if you have any questions about the events or any of our shows to reach out to me through my email in the show notes. That's all for march. I hope you guys have a great month and thanks for tuning in hsun in next week for another engaging episodes oil and gas. Hse podcast a production of the oil and gas global network. Learn more at otd n. dot com..

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