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Point i think it's sad he made so much money towns logos pirates movies that i had friends who worked on those and told me stories about him and he's kinda messed step guy yeah and it it was cool to go back and watch and remember sort of when he was just the best lightning in a bottle man yeah every i mean you just watch him just the things he does his eyebrows you know yeah a little everything when when he's when he's when he's on notice so many little just subtle facial movements and a he's just so inhabits this guy with the ever present that you know false teeth grin on his face it's like heart heart maniacal part enthusiasm and then peak tim burton which let's let's unpack timberg nabet how do you feel about a moment here you're take i grew up with timber and i really liked this movie specifically specifically to but i grew up with the number for christmas franken weenie you know he's made venture beetlejuice right a advertiser hand edward scissorhands such a good movie all of 'em and i mean you know for years anytime when came out sleepy hollow a a a caution smith so many 'em weld any well i might as well tell you i i started losing interest in tim burton movies around the time of sleepy hollow i think i i would agree with you i guess he did mars attacks which might attack never played really worked for me never worked for me and i don't know why it has so many good elements but it's i know why it should have yeah a d a the movie that everyone loves it i don't is big fish now i i i can't agree with you on that one i i've i've seen at least three times and i do people love big fish it gets pulled my heartstrings man i'm i'm into it i'm i'm definitely the outlier hire a i enjoyed the batman movies so like i used to be all team britain but i think he just in my opinion he sort of lost his way 'em in everything feels sort of the same now whether it's allison wonderland or 'em i feel sort of like he's or the the the the broadway show we did a sweeney todd sweeney todd i dunno everything feels derivative of himself for me to find the source material and that has never really been my thing right i like all the element like i like all things about it but then i actually hear the songs i hear the play and i'm like this isn't really for me i don't it doesn't do anything for me i'm looking up his films now because i wanna look at the list of films well 'cause i'm kind of curious a dumbo really he's what he's doing dumbbell he did dumbo came out earlier this year that's how i charlie in the chocolate factory that feeling when i was thinking yeah on a big fan i already shadows he did you see that i didn't i think he's has kind of his style has become kind of care captured by and south if that makes sense yeah it's like oh we'll just do it like big budget special effects movie with like the gothi element that's the tim burton recipe i know is i want it you know sometimes when that happens i i think that a oh well and then they got too much money in started to big budgets but like you always had pretty big budgets yeah i mean not always but you know his first movies were cheap yeah now he's making on plane and apes that was a weird one and it's it's gotten very much in the reboot territory to a you know he pretty much almost exclusively seems to do reboots i'm trying i haven't seen any of these last few once yeah but i don't wanna just sit here and back on tim burton because ed wood is peach tim burton and i think it's the one that a lot of people haven't seen the have seen all those other early timber movies yeah i think.

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