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Some people but other west everybody else and going to be confused what say saying i felt like a certain kind of sort of hyper cultured person to is this difficulty in loving things certainly loving things that we decided should we should be embarrassed about put them even loving things that were just great big you had to have found the most obscure thing but you couldn't just say you know it's great moby dick y'all it's a really good book like kids bureaux blisters like just known that in past on and make then decided that the one we really like to his senator billy budd which is also good but moby dick moby dick smith i must you're not able unit that kind of like distancing from greatness and needing to find the which i appreciate because it allows you to find all these sort of highways and byways and i just wanna play out i don't think moby dick and crash into mere the same but i do think let's embrace things that that we actually love and let's embraced things that are actually great yeah watching it on my reflection was like if i have children i can show this them and feel like this is an accurate representation of what it was like to consume culture and be a teenager in a certain time and if when you add children nami watching it lake on their shoe annabi in a lovely xu meda and lasse yeah okay couple more things like a very complicated time in hollywood for you right now yes for all people yes for all your an actress you've been in working in hollywood for tenplus plus years he obviously there's a lot of bad news going on right now wondering how you receive that news and you know as a truck and surprises it this is the same old song announced coming to light i mean i think it's heartbreaking all of it plant heartbreaks for all the people who the told their stories just tremendously brave and i is starting some really important conversations that needs to happen i think from me something that i i've i've loved about having a movie out this.

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