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Middleton mid range to for the lead God Middleton one. Oh 1 99 Bucks 90 seconds to go in the game 34 from Middleton. That's Ted Davis on Bucks Radio Middleton in the process of scoring 10 consecutive points over two minutes late in the fourth, the at 14 total that final period 40 for the game to drag the box to a 191. Of those three win. And a 22 series. Yannis 26 points. 14 rebounds, eight assists and that historic block and with 1 15 to go Yanez denying the Andrea above the rim, an alley oop that would have tied the game. The Sun had another chance to get even. But Chris Paul committed his fifth turnover dribble the ball off of his foot. Phoenix 17 total turnovers. Leading to 24 point. Paul had five of them scoring just 10. Devin Booker put up 42 but missed five minutes of that fourth quarter after getting his fifth foul, So he and the sons go home now in a 22 series, Game five is Saturday night. British police have arrested four for online racist abuse. The three black English players that missed PKS in Sunday 0 2020 finale. Police are still compiling info from social media companies so more arrests are likely Round one of the open championship at Royal ST George's, Jordan, Spieth and Louis Oosthuizen now shared lead. They are both five under Late in their opening around Brian Harman Mackenzie Hughes, one shot behind them and the W N B A All Star game had a little more juice like Pete likes it than usual. Team USA playing non American and or non Olympian all stars, and that team W N B A Got the win. 93 85 videos are Ikea A gumbo Walla named M V P after a game high 26. Guys back to you. Thank you. Bogue's great job. Sorry. Weren't here to enjoy the festivities, but probably for the best right now. Marriage is kind of sweating and looking really sick. I just I don't feel right after that. Don't When we come back, Would you spend 92 bucks to spend the day with Scottie Pippen, D, a CBS Sports radio A new book with.

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