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On the 8s Joe Conway in the WTO traffic center Michelle starting off in Maryland on the two 70 corridor still slow south gun and volume leaving I 70 most of the way through urbana toward clarksburg and the way station once you're clear that the pace should improve bell way in Maryland no reports of any major complications same goes for I 95 in the Baltimore Parkway maybe some taps on the break here and breaks here and there On 50 westbound on the Chesapeake bridge on the analyst shoreline the police activity along the right slows you down a bit westbound travelers noting that the red X is on over the right lane two lanes west and two lanes east no delays on the eastbound trip In the district on two 95 going south you'll slow from Burroughs avenue 20s capital street three 95 south slows briefly at the case bridge Virginia no reports of any problems on the beltway 66 a good trip at last report 95 still slows in stretches from newington to Fredericksburg breaks nor vanderlei come out of thornburg on your way toward Stafford there you pick up the north end running easy pass lanes couple of issues in McLean one was on one 23 northbound near old dominion drive should be along the right side of the roadway on one 93 looking for a crash affecting traffic both ways to your tollson road We are brought to you by mattress firm hurry in for the year end sales saved up to half on select mattresses from Seeley circus sleepies in more in stock for fast delivery I'm joking traffic Storm team four meteorologist clay Anderson There will be a definite change in our weather temperature wise as temperatures will start to fall tonight Temperatures will be dropping down to the mid 30s in town a low to mid.

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