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Could retire if this is what you want. Stay the course. Well, I'm curious for both of you. It doesn't. It doesn't totally seem like Greg is kind of into doing the work. I mean, am I wrong. The truth. Actually, to be honest and the, you know, we're friends and he acts like he wants to do the work. Really, he does. He talks about, you know, hoping that quad will turn and come back. And while it just seems like mentally quiet been gone for years. Right? Okay. I feel like I'm at a reunion right. I'm telling you very medicine gets real. It's weekly risen up to like the top of the rain. Great on last week's medicine, heavenly anger management counselor felt that her spiritual journeys should include a healing pitstop in her hometown of Miami. So here's what having LeBron doctors, Jackie and Simone down to Miami, so that they could be on call to call her out on her. BS watched us. I think it bothered me that'll be demand mother never say she wondering that you considered what that might do for you. If you go back to where you're from. People that feel closest to when you come back with the b word and your mama, that is retaliation girl. So it didn't mean anything to me, but mama's back in the day could say really harsh things and it stuck with. Seem like heavenly was doing the work there. It doesn't really a lot of a lot of driving around in a convertible floppy hat. I have no problem with anyway. Right? Yeah. Great. When I think it was the trip was really about just going back to the root of who have unle is and why she does the job and we got to the root of the problem change. Okay. Okay. Peak of that coming up in a little bit. Finally, Dave may have a podcast by the name home of feel ya. But when it comes to where gay guys stand on Bravo issues as he LGBT queued in, here's what, let's let's find out with play by play. We have called forty gay guys on all things. Bravo, Dave gas, which way the gay guys swung. Boy, I've I've not traditionally good at knowing what. Gay guys say was a bigger gay icon, Erica Jane or the Countess. Oh, boy, that's a geographical one. I I'm gonna I'm gonna say Erica Jane. You got it. Yes. The fiercest looks Cynthia Bailey or door eat there. There is, there is anger towards in the gay community. I'm gonna. I'm gonna go Cynthia, you got it. Shade puts all others to shame, Karen Huber or Niimi leaks. Did they say, can you even Stephanie leaks? It's a landslide. Garrity captain Lee or bearded Ryan, sir hand Ryan with a beard Ryan without a beard Ryan with a mohawk Ryan. Seventy three percent. Everybody's what your for her. I guess he's four foot four now. For what board. Richaud, gee, is the true Queen bee Ramona singer or Lisa Vander pump? Did they say, what do you think be green bit? Yes, Lisa. Yes, you're right. Oh, good below deck. Who would you rather go below deck with? We asked Joe wow or Conrad. Do. Jerry calls from Jay while home Joe and I, Joe, you gotta. I say no more who charms you more. We asked Craig or Shep Craig terms me more seventy. Seventy spokesman for the gay community. Get to turns during girls night to render or Kelly died? Well, I mean both but. Got to give the slight edge tutoring. Really, really good. Oh, yeah. I'm sure Leslie are wanting to know if you feel weird about Greg hanging out with the other married men in the group. I don't feel weird about it at all, Greg and quite have both been around and it would be difficult to let Greg go. What has a problem with it hoops too bad. We'll how size of New Jersey. There was a posh fashion show. There's of course standoff, and then a huge fight where Danielle loses a piece of sculpture and as the cloud of dust and high heels and fists goes down the hall. There's a partygoer who we see she's never named, but she just goes dust as such game. Like that and I swear to God. I think about this woman once a week in a second. I think we've dug it up. Can we take a look at that? We have..

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