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That's one eight eight eight three seven seven six yeah I feel goal for Minnesota in response yeah that's sort of a once right that's when you saw these two teams are chaos used to offenses Pro Bowl receivers everywhere the league level running back into your bed I would say the over under for this game was like in the high sixties I wasn't really I think was sixty five I've got a rustler best people across the glass working yeah that's going to lead to they know now to work on well it is as we could but I'm just like it's three three in by looking at this game I don't feel like it's going to probably be anything other than that at the end of the first quarter she was looking the looking at less than a touchdown of total points being scored by both teams combined in the first quarter two of the better offenses in the league a league well receivers of forty eight and a half it's all forty eight F. okay let's still that's still twenty four of what we're looking at we're not really on pace to be able to hit forty forty points right now I think this game could look a lot like a combination of games we saw yesterday where you know without the overtime it's two teams got a slug it out defensive battles and both of these cultures Sean Payton Mike Zimmer coach together Dallas they understand what the other team is really good that they know their strengths to know their weaknesses they both coach under bill Parcells and I think it's the just this when the surest way possible if that means you guys were fifty was score fifty yeah when the game is tight like this just don't make the big mistake and don't give another team great field position all right so that is where were and it's sort of a color rush five like everybody's driving around they can't you know watch the game like it's white on white here for white pants and in a white Jersey here for the same thing it's purple in purple for the Vikings all right now New Orleans set up to points and it looks like Minnesota is in a position to start out deal that'll decent decent field position your research are light out there another opposition of their own okay so that's this game will keep you current on everything that's going down in not in the Superdome let's get the last night of Foxboro what does your gut tell you Bobby about that in the future for Tom Brady was that his last game in the NFL was his last game with the patriots you ride off into the sunset now what you got sent off into the sunset yeah that's sunset turning that thunder suite that we had out there the other night when all six hundred finally the now is something running on the sensors with John Elway did when you win the Superbowl sign up your horse you throw in a suit again you are just kind of right on out of town yeah Tom Brady threw a pick six in his career against a coke coach of jobs a sideline we need to store multiple touchdowns in the Superbowl yeah it might very well like you go people want your buddies yeah Brian you know about it like this is Peyton manning all right drew Brees okay hall of fame corner you'll be put right into those but really good this year but like we look at this like who beat Tom but twenty five years from now we're doing sneaking number time on get up there like I'm up there with a Walker lake who is the last quarterback to beat Tom Brady in his final game in the cache was pink still playing me and drew Brees RCA of see maybe was like a a guy like Philip rivers or maybe an upstart young guy like the Sean Watson no no no no no even Ryan Tannehill who wasn't even the starter to start the season like I said he was played really well this year but that's not going to be someone's going to come straight to the front of your mind because of just the expectations that you had so this is not him riding off into the sunset this would be him like getting in you're getting some beat up twenty year old car he tried that doesn't you have to open up the wind you have to roll down like the window to with greater yeah you can go through the passenger side yeah well across because that door doesn't open all right and then run off like that like that's not the ending that he wants so in saying that I think that he plays next year okay and I think the place for the patriots okay all right that's a bit of an upset today good national consensus wise that's a bit of an upset while you focus on the semantics all right in the significance of the word sunset Bobby let's hear from the man himself Tom Brady asked last night after the loss whether or not he's going to remain with the patriots I love the patriots emanate they obviously you know said grace organization and you know plan for Mister Kraft all these years and for coach spell check I mean there's there's nobody who's had a better career I would say to me being with them so I'm very blessed and I don't know what the future looks like I'm not going to predict it so we should one tonight we should then a lot of things but over the course of seasonal Justin just to get the job done now one thing that jumped out to me okay as someone who you know Tom Brady no ninety five thousand so not not hates Tom Brady because actually I found myself yesterday realizing in saying in tweeting and instagramming and all the stuff like that performance was not Brady's fault this season is not Brady's fault any pains me to say that because I really apologize yeah well if it feels like my own vitamin C. friends forever watch it on the other one yeah a little montage of the chaos really at all but I thought I loved he did you regard this realize I just was sad because you beat my team I've always really love how good of a quarterback you already graduation song for vitamin C. it's exactly what I played no I I I just I look at it you know the larger issues are not I mean it's not Brady that the arm strength is still there it's not what it once was but the offense of line is heard it was never solved I I don't worry Skolnick is gonna fix it now it never was a three major injures the exactly like this car's fault either I'm just saying it we would do to Sean what's he's got to elevate the town around Mr neck he's the greatest like your job or he's going to get these guys going like at some point in time I think it's the Rumpelstiltskin affecting the kids spring stroll into gold right if you can only do so much with what you have Tom Brady cannot make that group of receivers like Randy moss and and Wes Welker crew like that's not it and start a stalwart like that isn't the guys there trotting out there so yeah it wasn't Tom Brady's fault this season they had a lot of issues as I look at this like with Tom and and where he goes from here I don't know he was to go out like that ma'am now and I think that he would be to go somewhere with Josh McDaniels Josh McDaniels isn't going to get a job on a team is ready to win so it's time to go somewhere for last year to try to battle to go nine seven a dad doesn't seem like a very logical situation the only place I could potentially sim going this was floated out he told me this potential theory is in C. may be going to the Chargers and the charges were a popular notion last night of them move on from Philip rivers and here's a couple reasons why the ready made team must have sold a lot of people beat me up on Twitter about that I'm like listen when you have a lot of injuries your office of what is your look much worse than what it really was the Chargers obviously a lot and some serious injuries on the offense of line this season they believe receivers they're in the AFC I think that that you probably want to see others in LA and so that my check LA LA Jason yeah yeah but I checked the family box sure the chores will love it because it go from having like five thousand fans like five hundred thousand fans the day he signed will help it would be real all you tell me the only could be relevant the only market of media only more relevant but like it listen getting fans to show up is not a problem getting their own fans to show yeah you'll get your people that are like I can buy taught to be twelve Jersey with charges all the powder blue of all in all not now I'm so we look at it's great and then the last piece of this I think it's some it's a being underrated there is you there's a couple different systems in the NFL but there's not really that many there's a lot of deviations of the same one and so I talk about Tomek work could be potentially go if you're throwing stuff out like he's not going to go to like a west coast system where you have to learn all this new terminology is a way that he hasn't played a given you encourage them to bill Parcells bill Parcells I sort of bill Belichick again they use a lot of the same terminology with our office of stuff only the winds offenses obviously different Josh McDaniels Bilbo checks but there's a lot of similar concepts in similar terms that they're going to use Sir Tom well there would be a learning curve it wouldn't be like him all of a sudden day.

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