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Game, right s. Oh, yeah, sure. Could Could you have put, uh, Oklahoma and Nebraska and in the evening? I guess So. What Even is that 18th of the 18th? Texas would be playing right, son? Yeah. Somewhere network. That's a big game for the Longhorns against the rice, A Roni Clinic. Going to be on my shoulders that ride fest. Chicago. That's right. We're gonna go to lose afterward. Have a little deep dish pizza. Maybe catch a cubs game. The next day Cubs are out of town. I wish he really that is we got a regular melon. Just drink. Could we just We just pardon me. No, uh Head, Clements. What I remember those other groups were playing here in Cedar Park Center. Weight is overload. Mama's baby. I don't know. It's baby Mama's baby. Uh oh. Here we go. Um, it says here just calling from Central Texas. It's sooner Scott on K O. B. J. What's up, Scott? Hey, guys. How you doing? Great man Doing well sooner Scott from a Louisiana so I get a kick out the listening to you. Fine every single day about the Sooners and I text you and no one text back until you t wins. Theo you invitational Their football things that rob Okay? Have had a good run J. They have no look, you got another good team this year really did as a sooner Scott sooner Scott. I would I would say, I mean, it's kind of going out on a limb saying way. Bring up the Sooners. Everything you said wine die. And I was just bringing up a story about Oklahoma whining about their 11 a.m. game to you that the idea are you too good to play at 11 A.m. Scott. No, we can play it 11 A.m.. We can play it to P. M. We can play it seven in the evening. You name the time and place and will be chicken This year is I hate sitter Scott is rattler is the Heisman winner this year Venture I don't know if he's I don't know if he's the winner. I think they have him pegged as one of the top ones. I think he still has to maturity. He has to get through. But I'm asking you. Will he be a finalist? Do you think Absolutely. Yeah, Thank you. Scott Way. Remember that time we said is asked about inch? Yeah, that way. Don't force him out of the game. Like what Texas did last year. But come on it, didn't He come back that same game and beat us? Yes, I came back. They want and we showed them though. You got one time Look, our coach. Had a binder that said, Don't go for it when you should have been going for it. And it said winning his heart hanging. Yeah, yes. When we go to that Chicago deal are the bears in town. I'll bet Tom could get his tickets. Oh, I will have to look it. I'm sure he's gonna take my call. I'm pretty sure you're blocked. Yeah. Who do you think about it? We didn't said nothing but mostly nice things. I thought he should have kept his job. Tom. Tom Herman? Yeah. Had you called him a nice guy? We all know what that means. He's a nice guy. Great. My point was when you win seven games. You should keep your job. Have you ever told people I'm a nice guy? I just hate that. I'm sure I've met your new co host on the morning show. You're one of the next morning show And I said, I get them. He's 23 years old. I don't even talk to get great pleasure from broadcasting with Jason and beat on the afternoon and she said I do to Mr Clements. So, yes. That, Nick? Hi, helping across the road. No good. That guy. I just worried. Don't come, Nick. You're you're hanging out at the bar at Barton Barton Creek Country Club, and somebody says, Let's Jason liking you go. You know what? He's a nice guy like not that That's just He's a great going, man. You should get a great guy, but oh, you know, beat us a great guy, too. Let's hear. Here comes the feud. Maybe that was a great guy to know. I got to give a shout out one of our brothers and we call right Sport Stock. Jason add Vito 83605 90 back in just a second. Hold on, my friend said here for my buddies that supreme lending if you want the latest news on the Austin and Central Texas real estate market scene, you must listen to my friend John McClellan in his show the real estate zone Right here on K. L. B. J. It's every Tuesday night from 6 to 7.

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