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Ira there. It is dan hartman's valentine's day. Song to cody With with special video interlude as well If you wanna see that definitely go check out his instagram or all. Add the video to the youtube video too. So i i do. I do really want to see it. I do really want to see it. And i can't usually hear things when i- podcast that i share them from this side so i can't wait for you to hear it brandon. Because it's it's good. I really like the the songwriting knack that dan harmon has is feel like an under appreciated skill and While there's some definite filtration happening in in his recording He knows how to use the tools he's got the tools of knows how to use them and And i think it's a great song so happy valentine's day to them and to everyone It is a Consumers colladay and i don't need a holiday to tell my wife at lower that's all there is to. It fits right all right. Everybody that's it for semi pertinent news. If you have a news story that semi permanent to rick. And morty that you think we should talk about make sure you share that with us over twitter facebook e mail just shouted out from the window and we hear it anyway that you want any anyway though bud. Alright everybody go ahead. No i was just going to say we don't have any season five so you now. That's that's that's hardly pertinent anyway Valentine's as over this is president's day and the only way to celebrate. It is what the main thing did. It did dedicated to bump up bam bam bam bam bam the main thing like the president so to it's a small world Over here this is the main thing. Main thing Thank you guys. As we have alluded to here in the united states presidents day and we thought. Hey why not. Let's do a character study from rick. And morty on a character that is extremely important very very talked about yes Basically the main character this show super important. The mythos of of everything that we've seen Starting midseason to In really has developed and shaped the history of what we know Season three and season four to be an presumably what season five and beyond will be no. That's part voiced by jemaine clement. Yeah no of course. We were talking about the president. The president from rick and morty the president of the united states. That's right not actually named in the show. As far as i can tell the president the president that is that is the characters. Name boys's voiced by the keith david. Who are many who many fans will recognize as Was but teammate. What does the drafts name in. And told her royal What a short short. no no. He's short actor. App is at it now. That's not always shoot. I didn't do the research on that before. I i've represented have my rick. And morty art book here while you can so while you look at up comparison sites reverse draft there we go reverse up. That's it reverse taraf and also a child's from the thing The john carpenter classic from nineteen eighty two which was a box office bomb by the way but has gone on to renowned colt classic success. Spawning a prequel. Starring elizabeth Mary elizabeth winstead Just a just a fantastic. A bunch of stuff there so we wanted can't find reverse draft but we we got there gregor So so we wanted to talk about the the president here. A little bit Just you know we. We need content. You need something to listen to and so we we figured we. We talked about this and and We it's been a while since you and i have probably watched an episode of rick. And morty so getting us back in the habit of watching a couple of episodes to just be. I was who was conversation the other day. No marks again about like. Why don't you just watch the show because you you enjoy it and not just for work like well because i i do enjoy it. Not just for work. But i also like remembering names of characters and episode titles and it's been so long since i've it that i'm like it's starting to slip away. Yeah yeah and it is funny. The there's two episodes that we really focused in on for for this content and a third episode that we will discuss as well but Going back to like get swift the midseason to and then even in morton date The season three finale both obviously featuring The the president the reason we we walked those episodes but going back to some of the classic episodes realizing that the season three finale was still so long ago. Even though it's like only a season away like from from where we are now Going back to some of these episodes is just like man. Some great content shows pretty good. We still podcast about it Yeah so there's a lotta fun You you have you have the details from those episodes. Get twisty against season. Two episode five britain by tom kaufman directed by wes archer. And then rick schori. And morty date. The season three episode ten finale written by dan harmon himself directed by anthony. Chun is it chun okay and four a bonus we also. We'll be talking a little bit about the rick lanes. It's mixup season. Three episode seven also known as tales from the citadel written by dominic. Paul chino pacino. Pulteney chino poke. Poke polka polka directed by dan. Guterman and ryan ridley backwards backwards. It should be written by a government and ridley and directed by patino. Sorry i screwed you up my powers out. Good luck with up. Okay all right so here we go. Yeah yeah so so. Let's let's go ahead and get started. I originally this this week's episode Because we want to get back have things originally. we're gonna talk about some Who were we were looking at other ideas and because it was president's day like okay fuck it. We'll we'll we'll we'll talk about the president so let let's go and get it started. Ain't we know he's not a huge character. But i was kind of interested in fascinated by how in the season two episode five is you. They introduced The the president. He's kinda like he loves. Rick and morty and he ends at episode. Like i love you. I love these guys and then to see him again at the end of season. Three where clearly an antagonists. Now well not.

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