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Think ahead about alternate routes consider altering your work hours or even working at home in Nevada. Jeffrey Schaub case CVS, a new state commission is tasked with figuring out who should pay for California's increasingly devastating and costly wildfires the five member commission on catastrophic wildfire cost recovery met for the first time yesterday was created last year by lawmakers to consider how to freely distribute costs of deadly wildfires among utilities and their customers. California suffered its worst and costliest wildfire seasons in two thousand seventeen and twenty eighteen PG has filed for bankruptcy saying it can't afford tens of billions of dollars in potential I- buddy from wildfires sparked by its equipment Silicon Valley executives. Don't see the economy in our region slowing down anytime soon, we get the story from KCBS reporter Melissa Ross a survey of more than one hundred silicon. Valley CEO's and senior officers finds that fifty six percent of them expect to increase hiring over the next five to six years. Additionally, Silicon Valley leadership group senior vice president Brian Brennan says they're also expecting to grow their employees presence in both traditional tech hubs around the country and also in non traditional regions of the United States. This confidence comes despite challenges. The survey is part of the Silicon Valley competitiveness and innovation projects. Latest update and Silicon Valley leadership group president and CEO Carl Gardena says the update finds that traffic still is a problem with our average daily commute time on the rise last year. It was seventy two minutes on average round trip per workday. It's gotten worse by sixty seconds to seventy three minutes in the project. Silicon Valley is to find a Santa Clara San Mateo, and San Francisco counties, Melissa, call Ross KCBS, Spike Lee is not the only one criticizing the academy's choice. Of green book for best picture. We get the story from Vicky more with radio dot com. News station KNX in Los Angeles the film chosen each year. By the academy is best picture sends a message, according to LA times. Film critic Justin Chang and Chang says it on the very serious subject of racism, the way green book was told is an embarrassment. I think that this is a movie that is telling story about a white man in a black man being reconciled in a way that completely marginalize is and the case the black characters. Perspective Chang says it while the acting is good. He calls green book a slick crowd-pleaser that strains to put you in a good mood. He says at a time when there were better choices, including if Beale street could talk and black Landsman the choice of green book simply sends the wrong message. I was thinking more radio dot com. News station Canucks in Los Angeles. East? Scooters will not be allowed on the campus at San Jose State knee more campus police yesterday showing a new policy banning the use of your electric and motorized scooters skateboards and bicycles on campus.

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