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To be exact indeed sports time once again rob's turn this morning For whatever reason the nationals just can't get a break in Miami following up a ten run loss with a tenth inning heartbreaker The nationals lose the second out on a replay challenge and lose the game in a ball deflecting off the second base bag You can't be serious to make this stuff up two one Marlins win it Dave jagler with the final call of the net 7th loss in 8 games against the Marlins just an unreal way for Tanner rainy to get his third blown save Dave Martinez Tough break A blue pit close play at home just bad breaks which would spoil an otherwise outstanding night for the bullpen and a strong start by Josiah gray but now the Nats look ahead to Steven Strasburg season debut at 6 40 Boston won game three of the NBA Finals they held off Golden State one 16 100 to take a two one series lead after holding the warriors to just 11 fourth quarter points The mystics avoid a series sweep with the hands of the sky with an 84 82 victory and the spirit played Chicago to a scoreless draw In the other football Ron Rivera wouldn't touch the controversial comments from Jack Del Rio and commander's OTAs but he did say he likes how his team is maturing There is something positive out here right now I think our football team is developing growing We've played a lot of young guys the last two years which is a good thing That means they're experienced They understand They get it They've had a success at a year of getting their butts kicked but I think we understand that We talk Carson Wentz in Jahan Dodson and the potential locker room impact of Jack Del Rio's comments in this week's D.C. sports huttle on WTO dot com and wherever you get your podcasts rob woodfork WTO sports Thanks rob as always one 47 Thursday morning June 9th on WTO The top stories we're following for you this hour investigators locally and fairfax county say this morning the driver of the car that struck three pedestrians this week Tuesday in Oakland killing two of them is an 18 year old from fairfax county whose name will be released only after charges are formally filed A California man is charged with attempted murder of a Supreme Court Justice following his arrest this week outside justice Brett Kavanaugh's Chevy Chase home early in the morning on Thursday commanders defense court Nader Jack Del Rio is apologizing this morning for a comment He made earlier in which he called the January 6th attack on the capitol a dust up compared to racial justice demonstrations They would double DTP for more on these developing stories in just minutes where the time now is one 47 good morning Any Montgomery county registered voter may request a mail in ballot You do not need to provide a reason for doing so To request a vote by mail text the letters V VM to 7 7 7 8 8 that's VB M to 7 7 7 8 8 or visit the board of elections website at 7 7 7 vote dot org Ballots must be returned in person deposited into a ballad Dropbox or postmarked in mail by election day Choose between requesting a ballot by mail or voting in person If you request a vote by mail but change your mind and decide to vote in person you will experience delays.

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