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She's like, I don't think before I talk I'm on unapologetic about shit and fuck and say shit period. So I'm like, okay. Well, that ain't working. Well, man, are y'all gonna dress things that he's doing this week? I don't even know what he's doing. He said he got tricked. Oh, I did see that. He got scam. From politics. True truce to. Real. They can. They're using him for right? Yeah. That was a real. It's what he's saying Kansas. Sorry, Kundus Owen not losing him. Because she said that he was attached to the whole, Greg. Sit thing blessed blacks it. Sorry blacks it, and he didn't like the fact that he was being used to promote something like that grow. What did you think was going right start speaking? I don't think he wrote that tweet. Yes. He did. Yes. He did that. Nobody writes, somebody writes, Kim tweets though, right? Kemp seems pretty articulate Tom went where it in sound. Like Kim, Ron, yeah. Yeah. Right. It's tracfone sometimes probably everybody knows his password. Now, so. I'm sure she knew it that is so funny zero says password I cannot. Well, everybody seems he's like going back on the ship that he said about Trump. It's like too little too late nowhere. Did he say he's not still down with Trump? The whole situation was more about Kundus. Right. People are getting on me onto the why are you just, you know, you're an example of a black man trying to keep it on a black band down. Yes. Because I was climbing cognac because the first time I saw it. I started laughing do this. You're only doing this. Because because Trump said you can't come back after that public fucking athlete, and you're doing is that true. I think I do with that. And I think has to do with the fact that is shooting. So I don't think it's really that he stopped and was like guys, I'm really I'm pondering for a minute. I think that you know, we said it semester. They didn't sell out like they normally do all the newest came out. Nobody fucking you like that anymore. And the thing about that tweet. You got is that they don't understand like, you're not the only one like black people walking away from kinda wis like, and that's some real shit. And the things he said has been harmful to him in the African American. They're coming back though, you think so the blacks absolutely, they'll always look at Twitter. Go look at Twitter's like they they're forgiving him. And not really I don't care either way forgiven. We we are he's finally coming back. Y'all y'all cutting him, and blah, blah, blah. Can. So it's not surprising. This all you needed to do say that. And then, you know, deliver some good as music put out his version of a step in the name of love and shit. The only reason I don't forgive him. Because then he come out and say, oh, I get it. I know the first time he did it. He was just like yes in the did that turn around and do this. It's like how many chances are you going to give them? You get them saying every, you know, we'll cancel them. And then we'll bring him back. We'll council. Like you at some point. You're like fuck you like now when he starts making music that they can jam out to finally say foot on you. You didn't got should do this politics with his music literally, and you know, some of his fashion not. His passion is tied to his music as well say everything I think feeds from his music and him being this. You know, superstar, you know, I think if he if he starts making like music that they can't defend anymore. Then they'll be like, okay. No we can count on. But they know they don't do it. Fuck really that sad. 'cause they'll blame the music on the politics. I mean, there's a lot of people out there. Like that y'all listen to never mind. Well, it doesn't matter. You've been saying a lot of the catch yourself lot. I'm not about me. What's going? I'm just tired the fuckers. That's all shit. I'm tired of arguments. You dumb fucking half ass half step in jackasses. They're just like, oh, we're gonna shit on this guy..

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