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It's overall in the class number one houston went which davey and clowney the big talker early or i should say late in that draft process was was cloudy the pick was cleared mac the pick those were kind of the two guys that were really being talked about greg robinson i think was being talked about a little bit but it was really clear mac i today vian cloudy if if memory serves me correct those were the two players that everybody was kind of going back and forth on they go which davey and cloudy mac has turned into the better player and you know in my estimation but i don't think it was a bad pick with jude and clowning do you no i understand why they did it and he's you know he was tough to turn down i think that there were if memory serves some injury concerns with him a little bit went when he was in college so those of clearly reared their head i would agree with you that mack was the better player though yeah and number two as we said the rams go with greg robinson i felt at the time if that was a big reach i'm if i remember right i think you kind of felt the same way right i know you and i have have talked about the comparison between greg robinson and matthews in the past in terms of you have one though i yeah i distinctly remember friend you and i going over this and me saying that i saw at least five to seven mental errors for greg robinson in the national championship game that year for auburn against florida state and i just thought they have a very simple offense and i'm seeing him blocked the wrong guy a lot that's a major whereas jake matthews you could see was a pro you know it's the age old argument friend of upside over a guy that who ceiling isn't as high but has a higher floor and i think we've seen what happened there you know i preferred i'm i remember really preferring jake matthews but also really liking zack martin yeah yup i agree and i felt the same way i was really.

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