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Then absolute became very jealous of his father and let it conspiracy he chased david not only off the throne of israel but right out of the city of jerusalem and caused most of david's trusted advisers to turn against him and so there was david kind of an exile off on his own and the remainder of his army was out fighting against his own son in second samuel eighteen two runners are seen approaching the place where david was the first one gives kind of a lame vague report but then in verse thirty two this second when the kush comes in the scripture says than the king said to the kush kushtia is it well with the young men absalon david sort of vaguely their referring to his own son his flesh and blood didn't care about the battle didn't care about the victory didn't care about the throne all he wanted to know was is my son okay you mean the one that's been fighting against you you mean the one who would kill you in a second if he had a chance the answer came the kush i'd answered let the enemies of my lord the king and dole who rise up against you for evil be as that young man a delicate way of telling a father that his son is dead his rebellious treacherous son now how's david going to respond god i can give my thrown back no no no verse thirty three says the king was deeply moved and went up to the chamber over the gate and wept.

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