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The interior department is expected to announce its decision soon on the faith of the sage grouse conservation plan it's bands idaho as well as ten other western states mad hollerin' is a leading sage grouse researcher who had of the group of scientists that sent a letter to ryan zinke the agriculture secretary he told public new service science supports the current approach to management as well as conservation we actually happen creation say okay that is a good idea or that it not such a good idea which cups in particular conner research on that species management officials that were forwarded the clans part based on the information that we have and therefore have a pretty high likelihood of succeeding now he he adds the seeds grouse already has lost half its habitated 95 percent of its historic population range is part of an iconic landscape that stretches across fifty million acres and eleven western states including idaho the idaho legislative sessions very first bill that would be house bill three 35 moving ahead after clearing house this week it would lower the rate businesses pay into the unemployment insurance system it has bipartisan support and the governor said in his state of the state address that he wants to pass as well it cleared the full house on a sixty nine does nothing vote house majority leader mike moyle of star who sponsored it says it's important to light a fire under the process reason we need to hurry with this bill is that those businesses start paying those taxes the first quarter and if this bill is the pass it has a retroactive date back to january one one and so we need to let those businesses know what their rate has adjusted down two hence the reason we need to get this to the senate morial says it would save businesses roughly one hundred fifteen million dollars over three years it's now being considered by the senate local government and taxation committee jay howell 670kboicom how state affairs committee chairman tom lower surabaya on his says elected officials at.

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