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Money that the men could possibly earn in. The contract is very different. I think a lot of a lot is made about guaranteed money in our contract and the different compensation structures that we have but when you look at the possibility of money For each team ours ours is vastly vastly lower than the men. Yeah and you you ruin a like. Oh a championship. Women's team in the men's team was a losing team and they were getting paid so much more than you are. Yeah yeah. And i and i think that was Something that you know in the latest court ruling. We felt that the court really didn't fully appreciate We'll just say for you know for round number sake if we captured ninety percent of our total compensation available in our in our contract and you know the men only capture fifty percent of it. We earned about the same dollar for dollar amount. Meanwhile we've won two world cups. We've won nearly every finley that we've played in. We've won all the tournaments. We've been very successfully. Both you know both commercially Marketing wise sponsorships and branding and all that and obviously been been very successful on the field and so it's kind of the you know work twice as hard or win twice as much or be twice as successful and to get paid you know about the same dollar for dollar amount that sort of at the heart of of pay inequity in gender discrimination. We feel so know. We've been talking about women's soccer and some of the in these in like men's and women's sports when you started playing soccer when you around six there wasn't like a girls team for you to be part of so you and your twin sister became members of the boys team. How it feel for you as a girl to be on the boys team. 'cause you know another thing you say in your book is that you don't think you ever dominated a team the way you dominated that boys team when you.

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