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Anyway, I love is ready. Trying on the Anna jar and the being accident. Attorney studios. Have you been injured in an accident? Call the law offices of Anna Jarring Levin. 1 807 47 free. That's 1 807 473733 You're listening to an all eighties weekend, John Hughes, creator of Mr Mom and National Lampoon's Vacation. Comes another. Yet the breakfast club W ves them West Palm BEACH, South Florida's sunny winter 79. Just friends hopes, you stranger. You know, in the end, I'll always be there. When your doubt when your day Take a little gold around and I'll be there, Robin You with your soul. You know what to do Always be sometimes. If I shout, it's not what's inside? You watch way No rush to get up right wrong. Don't you love me? Yeah. Did that make you fall for me, Miss you, You know Do you think it up, right? I know whether to be wait around. Wait. You were right. I know they don't know where I planned them to be anything. Anything. You you Sunny windows 79 West Palm Beach is home for Bon Jovi. There's more to life. Wow. You know a little right down on his luck. Great well. That's right. What No way. He's got his 16 now please. Crap. Way down. I got a little girl. What's your name? We got all night together back with that guy. Thank you. How many times did you have to say this to your kids when they reach for your orange juice? Touch this? That's a mom. Mosa. Hands off. Kiddos can't touch this. Can't touch this. Can't touch this My mind, Bob. Thank you so hard, My boy. Thank you. Let me put my do just good. You know you're down. I don't know. Have fun with you Can't touch me. I told you, homeboy can't touch this..

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