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Will they franchise him? Will they give an extension that will be a storyline that you'll start hearing about in twenty nineteen here about it in a few days. Here's I is Adam sure sure we'll get asked about I think the answer this. I think it's gonna be a little surprising people, Jamie. Would you take Jared Goff or Jameis Winston? It's a great question right now. I will take. James was. Yeah. That's what I thought you'd say. And people are like. So sorry for startling while you're driving everybody. Let's go to the forty Niners. What do they need? Dave, first and foremost, they need a number one wide receiver with all apologies to the Dante Pettis troopers out there, they need a number one guy, and they seem to be a team that's linked very closely to Antonio Brown. He might be the guy that would be great. That's really the biggest thing that they need. They they're right guards of free agent. Maybe they add another running back just as a back of maybe they draft a guy later, you know in cash, and he'll probably just find somebody that didn't get drafted to come in and play behind. Mckinnon in Breda. That's really about it. They're great at tight end the great quarterback. They've got good second and third type wide receivers. I think they need a number one in. That's it. This team's in pretty good shape. But if they don't get it Tonio Brown where they getting a number one wide receiver. I would I were I would assume that they would try and find somebody that they can develop in the draft. Yeah. But that guy's not going to step in and be a number one as a rookie crappo slight wouldn't be a number one. That'd be very good. I think it'll be interesting. Not just repetitive. But also for Markey's Goodwin. I mean, this was a guy that we liked going into Aseel. I like going into last season, you know, with the thought of what he could be building off of what he did Jimmy Garoppolo the end of the year. And then it was a disaster from the start you couldn't stay healthy and then Garoppolo guard..

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