NRA, Carly Fiorina, Hillary discussed on Indy's Morning News with Tony Katz


Remember i was like salivating over the prospect of that just the possibility of those two women and she was too carly fiorina was like let me debate hillary just let me she couldn't wait to get i couldn't wait to see that but no it didn't happen do they are they not like paying attention during a bubble now right there in like this little pr bubble where they're just like they're paying attention to their own pr like people are telling them you're so great you're gonna now you guys are you don't have to go to college now because you're going to get jobs at what the daily so you don't and you're so now you guys are the figureheads in this this little this little campaign bought their own press totally and their ignorance apparently the press that explains that the nra has a million new members and they're making more money than ever before and they've set their alltime membership record mean this is it like that doesn't sound like an organization that should be scared he's very scary fury scared so.

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