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You're around the thirty two starters if you're in the sixteen to twelve range sure why not look at the stanley cup winners over the past couple or past decade look how many teams have used to goalies. Yeah because they washington one and phillip group our was the starter by game three. It was braden holtby pittsburgh three guys one year two guys the next year like it happens. I i'm really impressed with campbell's play. Maybe i'm a sucker for the story. Maybe like i'll tell you it's impossible not to cheer for him. He just seems like such a good person and he went and got booted to the curb but as he was getting booted to the curb. The people that were still working with them dallas. They still love them. They're like i want this guy to do well. Jim nill traded the los angeles just to give him a start a restart. Maybe they can recalibrate. We love the kid. Nothing's happened forum here. And there's a couple of guys in los angeles. That jack has gone to great lengths to credit and billy ranford the goalie coach and dusty mu. Who is kind of this goalie. Whisperer the kind of stays in the background and he hoped jack except the ups and downs of the position. But i watch him play. And i'm like does he get lucky. Sure does every only get lucky. You bet does he make the safety supposed to make and then a few that he should absolutely the only concern. I have of the maple. Leafs is the combined health of anderson and campbell right or they're gonna hold up physically because anderson's a question more clearly..

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