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One game above 500, Michael waka waka. With the complete game shutout last night, Joe Maddon got fired. That's right, Michael waka got Madden fired. Take that. All right, let's get back to the Patriots here some quick hits about the first mandatory mini camp practice that Greg took in today. Of course, he'll have more at BSG, Boston sports channel dot com and have sure a little bit more in depth as to what he saw. But let's talk about devonta Parker. He had some good OTA practices from what you guys saw. What he do today and did anything stand out about his day the first one mandatory mini camp for the Patriots. Yeah, he didn't, he didn't absurdly stand out or anything. He did have that really nice play where Mac Jones saw that it was man coverage. You know, sort of check to and out and go. And they were on the same page, which was great to see, but devonte continues to look the same. He just looks like a mature real sort of receiver where we haven't had a lot of those in these parts and certainly his physical matchup stands out as his physical makeup stands out compared to some of these other receivers on this team who are, you know, I think on the awakened one 80 diet, there are a lot of thin guys out there, including taekwon Thornton, but you know, I think he looks good. And I'm excited to see how that relationship develops. You just brought him up. I know everybody listening to the podcast. They want minute to minute day to day updates on taekwon Thornton. How much was he involved today and did you see anything from him? Not a lot. He was mostly on sort of the scout team watching him run some drills, you know, I think they're working on his route running. I think it needs to be defined. I will say where he stands out, is once he gets the ball into his hands, he really sort of scoots the necks like ten, 15 yards, which is nice to see. And something that you saw in his college film where he is, you know, he's not afraid of contact. I know there was some discussion about that, but I don't have any issues with him in that regard, of course, no pads and no tackling. No thumping or anything like that. What was interesting is that he got a lot of work at gunner on punt coverage, taking some tips from Matthew slater and including one time he got down the field and fielded it, cleanly in the air. So something to watch for him..

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