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LA county supervisors have just voted to approve an emergency ordinance putting the county CEO in charge of coordinating emergency preparedness response and recovery collide Medicaid extend seventies Margaret Carrero this move essentially removes sheriff Alex V. in a way that as head of the county's emergency operations he did speak out against it telling the board that this totally reduces the what the role of law enforcement he also suggested that the move has something to do with some kind of vendetta citing what he perceived as the board's opposition to his reelection they certainly have had quite a bit of a power struggle ever since the in a way that was elected to run the sheriff's department supervisor Sheila Kuehl however respectfully disagreed she told the sheriff that this is not about him or his candidacy it is about the safety of the county's millions of residents she said they're not changing the leadership structure because the sheriff was never unanimously chosen by the board but rather people have stepped in

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