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Six. If I am 6 40 more stimulating talk. I'm rob New life from the camp by 24 Hour news room, and here's the latest on the fires burning in the West and evacuation order has been issued for the city of Arcadia due to the fire burning in the San Gabriel Mountains. The fire has burned more than 32,000 acres. It is 6% contained the fire sparked by a gender reveal new kippah has burned more than 14,000 acres. The fire is 41% contained and the fire burning in the Plumas National Forest in nor Cal is now 26% contained. The fire has burned nearly 260,000 acres. 12 people have been killed in the fire. Wait. Gotta stall on the five in Sun Valley. It's on the North Bound side and Sheldon streak, a stalled car blocking of the carpool lane. CHP has been alerted and they are on their way to the scene, as is a tow truck to get this Dr Bull vehicle off the road way They may run a traffic break there. So be alert. If you're making your way through the Sun Valley area on the north bound side of the five slow traffic in Anaheim right now, he's found out of the 91. Expect to tap on the brakes back near the 55. That's going to stay slow 40 of pockets to your reach Imperial highway. That's when your driver should start to speed back up. If I the sky helps get you there faster. I've Sylvester does learning a language feel like this Noah blast manual hablo Pablo when you learn a language you want to actually use it. Babble is designed with that goal in mind that my husband is from Guatemala. I'll apply What I've learned in battle to our RIA life situations is.

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