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Through nine o'clock through tomorrow night. Meantime, President Trump on Twitter today, saying Democrats have force Americans to be in the dark as they intentionally implement statewide blackouts. And uber and left or both, considering offering their California driver's franchises to avoid making them employees going in depth. Now, public health officials are ordering the closure of a sack, No county school campus for violating the state's order Prohibiting in person. Learning. Keep case. Joe Michaels is live in studio with details. That's right, Kitty. The Sacramento County Public Health Department is ordering the immediate closure of capital Christian School for violating the state's order prohibiting in person instruction. In counties on California's Cove in 19 monitoring list. They were kind of trying to be too cute by half. They got their high school and middle and elementary school teachers trained as daycare workers and tried to fob off the high school students and middle school and elementary school students going to school and calling a daycare, which obviously it is not. Public Health services director Dr Peter Beilenson says Sacramento County is currently on the state's monitoring list and is not issuing school waivers for in person learning as any He's been watching the news has seen in Southeast United States, where schools have already open in places like Israel and other countries. They have had rapid spread of the disease. Once schools have opened in person and have in fact, then closed down several schools. Many schools in response to that we in Sacramento still have a significant problem with cases. We have 2 300 cases a day and we have many people in the hospital and then using our eyes to use we've had 225 death, and we don't think it's safe at this time. Health officials were made aware last week that students in all grades, including high school, we're on the Capitol Christian campus under the guise of daycare services. High school students are among the group that had been most hard hit by the virus in terms of getting infected by it. They are also, however, less likely to have symptoms, which makes them much more likely to be where called super spreaders. They don't not know that they have the virus, and they're still spreading into parents. Two friends, the grandparent's etcetera administrators could face fines of up to $1000 a day and potential jail time if they refused to comply with the shutdown order. I've talked with the principal of the school at length this morning, and he continues to talk about how the kids are doing online learning. Which is a red herring. Everybody is required to online learning in the entire state of California. What you're not allowed to do is do it outside in the school building with school colors, and that's what we're trying to prevent Capital Christian's head of school, Tim Wong has yet to respond to kfbk his requests for comment. And Joe. Let's talk about the greater impact ramifications from this decision today. We'll really you send your kid to a school. Perhaps that child gets the virus brings it back home to you. You goto work work with me and I take it home to my child who then takes it to his school and Dada Dada Dada, And that's really where this thing could get out of control and what the health Department is trying to prevent. Okay. Katie Case. Joe Michaels reporting Thank you. It's now time for traffic.

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