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For permission to dip into a billion dollars for the defense department the president is expected to ask the Supreme Court to intervene and a million people have been told to seek safety as torrential rain continues to batter the southern Japanese island of Kyushu the weather agency is warning of widespread flooding and potential landslide and they issue an emergency warning that is only used for severe events that occur once in decades storm by you is expected to drop as much as thirty five centimetres of rain in the coming hours well one is twenty four hours a day on air and at tech talk on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts the more than one hundred twenty countries I'm Deborah mallet this is Bloomberg get over to Julie at Sally now for a look at the market still we'll see a little bit more of a mixed picture today Deborah you certainly got weakness coming three in Chinese equity markets which is weighing on the embassy I Asia Pacific index but of course if you look at some of the other markets they are tracking hieros Strela out for a fourth session in a row still holding at those December two thousand and seven highs a little bit more money going back into that she plays as well today and any K. is from a by around a third of one percent was watching the movie India's market as well ahead of tomorrow's a budget also watching the Hong Kong dollar surging to its strongest level in two years and we have seen the three month Hong Kong dollar high balls that are not borrowing costs rising to its highest level since two thousand and eight as well little bit of money that coming through out of the Indian three PM well also watching somebody coming through out of the Thai baht today as well after we heard from the bank of Thailand yesterday an official saying Tracy that they may look at cutting rights but they're going to wait for the right time.

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