FBI, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton discussed on Mark Levin


W C c O open lines until midnight phone number six five one nine eight nine nine two two six toll free eight six six nine eight nine nine two two six. Now. Why is it just as the music starts rolling? One of my best friends calls. I couldn't answer it. So I'm gonna talk to you. What are the odds? In the number six five one nine eight nine nine two two six toll free eight six six nine eight nine nine two to six. Here's the latest. On the package bombs. Can you believe this? The FBI said this evening that it had identified seven suspicious packages addressed you prominent liberal and democratic political figures over the past previous or the previous three days that contained potentially destructive devices. The bureau initially said it had recovered five that were similar in appearance. And bore the return address of an office. For Representative Debbie, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The packages were addressed do billionaire George Soros, Hillary Clinton, former President, Barack Obama former CIA director John Brennan. In care of CNN and former attorney general Eric Holder. The FBI also said it was possible that additional packages are mailed to other locations. Director Christopher Wray said this investigation is of the highest priority for the FBI. We'd have committed the full strength of the FBI's resources and together with our partners and our joint terrorism task force. We will continue to work to identify and arrest, whoever is responsible for sending these packages. We ask anyone who may have information to contact the FBI do not hesitate to call. No piece of information is too small to help us in this investigation. Law enforcement officials involved in the investigation. So that the similarity between the packages has led them to believe that a single individual or group could be responsible. In addition to the five packages identified by the F B I US capitol police are investigating a suspicious package addressed to Representative Maxine Waters of the Capitol Hill screening facility in Maryland. Representative waters in in a statement that capitol police had told her that our Washington DC office was the target of a suspicious package. Let has been referred to the FBI late Wednesday this evening. The LA central male facility was evacuated after employee is found a suspicious package, which the Associated Press reported was addressed to waters. The FBI later confirmed that it had recovered to packages addressed a waters that were similar to the five at referenced in its earlier statement. The FBI statement came hours after the pack a package addressed a Brennan an NBC news analyst arrived at CNN's New York City headquarters, forcing an evacuation of the Time Warner center in midtown Manhattan New York police department Commissioner James O'Neill said officers on the scene identified what appeared to be alive explosive device as well as well as an envelope containing some kind of white powder. Which is currently being investigated. The package addressed a holder did not reach its intended address was returned to the Wasserman Schultz office building in sunrise, Florida, prompting the building north west of Miami to be evacuated. Wasserman Schultz, the former chair of the DNC said in a statement that a second office building nearby. Ventura Florida was evacuated in an abundance of caution. Earlier wednesday. Let's secret service confirmed that it had intercepted two suspicious packages identified as potential explosive devices that were sent to former President Obama's Washington, DC home and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton's residence in New York. Former President Bill Clinton was at that residence when the suspicious package was found. But at that was was screened in Westchester county. Not at the Clinton resident residents. This. This is absolutely nuts. And everybody and their brother is, of course, condemning whoever is whoever sent these packages. The person that's short a few pins of a strike is obviously behind this kinda thing. Nobody wants to see this. I I like what Marco Rubio had to say about this Susan. He said, you know, we can have divisiveness in our country and within our political system. But if you attack one of us, you're attacking all of us. And isn't that the truth? This is an act of terrorism. And I've got a feeling that the individual that mail. These things had no idea. That this was an active listener vigil pie thought I'll go down as a hero. No, you're not gonna go a hero. You're going to go down an attempted assassin is what you're going to go down as. And we don't put up with that nonsense in this country. You've been following this all day today. When I got off today in the first thing, I saw I turn the computer on you. Gotta be kidding me. Yeah. That's bullying, it's intimidation. And it doesn't work doesn't work. Pure and simple. We will take your calls on this phone number six five one nine eight nine nine two to six and toll free eight six six nine eight nine nine two two six. It's nine thirty central time on eight three O W C C O in high school. No one believed in in college. No one wanted him and the NFL no-one drafted.

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