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It didn't really love what I saw from Jeremy roach last year, although certainly he has a high level prospect billing. I mean, Trevor keels. I just haven't seen enough of Trevor keels beyond knowing that he's like the second coming of levance fields. Is like the big, the big thick guard that's probably gonna be around college basketball for a little while. I don't know. Is this like a better perimeter defensive team than they were in 2020 when they had TRE Jones who was awesome on that end? I think he won defensive player of the year in the league that year, and they'd cash a Stanley who could weigh overplay everything. They Jordan goldwire, who played a lot because he was really good defensively. I don't know. I think this team just has a lot of questions that and plus like, what do they get from AJ Griffin? I don't think we have any answers there yet. It's just a weird, it's a weird deal with duke that I don't really know totally how to handle them yet. Yeah, I mean, I'm just kind of buying into the idea that Jeremy Roche, I'm giving all of the freshmen that I kind of had high hopes for coming into last season, a complete pass on what the freshman year was for all of the reasons that we mentioned at the top. Just because, you know, he did not have a chance to get to know his teammates in the office and duke was as strict as any team in the country when it came to COVID protocols and isolation and making sure that you followed the rules and they were living in hotels. It was not fun to be a duke basketball player last year. And I think that we are going to see him have a little bit more of a chance to kind of show who he is. This year. So I'm willing to kind of buy in, even though I agree with everything you said about him last season, but I'm willing to kind of give that a little bit of a pass and buy into it. I think we'll know pretty early, though. You know, I think we're going to know on Tuesday night. Whether or not the concerns are valid. But I get everything you're saying and I agree with it. If we get the top of the like I said top of the range of outcomes for AJ Griffin, Wendell Moore, Jeremy Roche, Joey baker. That's a lot of ifs, but it's all things that I think are very possible to have happen. And if it doesn't work out, you still got Paolo. That dude's gonna make a lot of problems go away. Yeah, I think the way I would put it is can they win a title? Yes. I don't think they would be a favorite for me. Coming into the year. The rest of the ACC, I don't know, it feels like the ACC is kind of down in terms of talent this year to me. I have no first round prospects in the ACC outside of duke right now. Duke's the only team in the top 20 in Ken palm for the ACC this year and they're ranked ten in the preseason. Does this feel like a bit of a down ACC to you as well? Yeah, yeah. 100%. I think that there are a lot of teams that are kind of in that back end top 25 range..

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