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Way out of kovin is today's one big thing here in the us. The kovic vaccine conversation has mostly been focused on pfizer madonna and the johnson and johnson vaccines but with delta stronghold on much of the us excuses healthcare business reporter bob herman reports. We might need to look to other emerging vaccines and. He's here to tell us more about that. Hey bob hey nyla bob i remember way back in the beginning we were talking about. All the other vaccine manufacturers. Where are they at this stage in the pandemic so there's about six or seven vaccines that are being used globally. Obviously more are being studied and a child right now because even with this number of different vaccines were still not even remotely close to fully vaccinating the world. So i think there's quite a bit of pressure to find vaccine that they can just be more widely distributed. We have been talking so much about. Madonna pfizer johnson and johnson. There's another vaccine. You've been watching quarterbacks. So this vaccine kovacs was developed in texas and they're already licensing out the technology. It's undergoing clinical trials and the great benefit is that quarterbacks uses traditional vaccine technology. That's using the hepatitis b. vaccine for example instead of the newer more expensive technology so that could be scaled up quickly and the other good news is researchers. Say it's very cheap. It could be a dollar. Fifty dose is the button administration paying attention to the corporate box. So far not really. The researchers have tried asking administration to get involved and not a whole lot has panned out yet. So i think there's a role for the us to play here. Researchers have been getting interest from other countries For this vaccine in india for example less than twenty percent of its population is fully vaccinated a large manufacturing. India's already making this quarterbacks at risk so india's already very interested in this. Bob do you think what the delta variant with all the conversation in the us about a booster have we lost sight of the fact that vaccines are still the pandemics and game here. Yeah i you know. The vaccine's were made with the intent of preventing or reducing death in severe illness. And by all accounts. The vaccines are still doing that. If you're vaccinated. It's very unlikely you'll be hospitalized with cove in nineteen and it's very unlikely you'll die from cobra as a result so the co vaccines are still a smashing success. According to many infectious disease in vaccine researchers out there they're working. They're doing their job. And i i think there's a almost like a messaging problem. I think we can equate. It's maybe even the flu shot. Get flu shot every year. There's still chance to get the flu. But you get your flu shot so you don't die or get hospitalized from just a good reminder because cdc is recommending that everyone get their flu shots before the end of october on. Herman is xs healthcare business reporter. Thank you for being with us. Thanks i appreciate it in fifteen seconds. We're back with big news out of mexico on abortion comcast is committing one billion dollars to reach fifty million low income americans but the tools and resources. They need to succeed in a digital world. Learn more at comcast.

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