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We get together we try to one up amaze and delight each other with facts about the universe. We are playing for glory. But we're also playing for Hank books, and they will be awarded by how we do on the different activities that we we will banana-producing throughout the show. We were we can't stay on topic here at sei tangents, but it is called tangents. So if we do divert divert from our topic at hand and had down paths to treachery. That we will decide that we must deduct a Hank buck from you if deem your tangent unworthy unto start the podcast off finish MO science bowl. We've got Stephan throughout the history of the planet. Many times creatures bodies have expanded their sizes increase sometimes exponentially as they failed their niece giving us so many of these mega sized beasts from hostile eagle to mega Don from Titanic boa to the marsupial lion. And who could forget the terror bird terrifying. There's no better word, but eventually in the late Pleistocene humans began to arrive on the scene, and whether it was from hunting climate change or just disease. These species were under siege. There was a mass extinction of creatures with great mass as human activities began to surpass, and they could never recover what a huge fail, but I guess at least we still have the blue whale. Huge. I'd love it. So I was told that this was very large ancient things not just for and fauna. And now, I'm worried about my fact, does not well, I've neither is mine. Okay. Good. It's old big old and bay. Okay. Mine is old and bit. Okay. Why is everything like before the Holocene? Everything was huge insects were bigger like. A lot more oxygen in the atmosphere. I think which is part of the reason like insects could be very big because the oxygen concentration was way up. I think the world before the Holocene is directed by Michael bay. I think that might have more to do with oxygen and working hypothesis. We haven't carbon dated him. So we don't know how old is true. So Seri have you? Brought us sub explanation for what the thing is. We're talking it's pretty broadcast olden bake stuff. I think it's more than oxygen though, that makes things when they are older because that that was specifically insects in the first period. But I think when it comes to mega-fauna I feel like it's more than oxygen involved. I didn't bring anything. Yeah. Yeah. I definitely agree with you the evolutionary pressures that makes them get very very big are weird. And also like it's very hard to say anything with certainty about the ecosystems of you know, hundreds of millions of years ago. I think that comes up a lot with the onces that. Things will grow or shrink to accommodate whatever Nisha vailable, right? So if there's a niece that's white open to be a larger before, and there's like, no big predators around than your body's is can expand to that role. Yeah. But then if the no longer confers an advantage. And then if you're say like a giant Armadillo that doesn't move very fast. And there are people with spears chasing. You becomes very bad. Yeah. Yeah. One of the one of the sort of untucked about advantage of being large is that you can eat food that has less nutritious. 'cause you have more space in your body to extract the nutrition, which is weird. You don't think about that? But like your testings are just longer or you can have multiple stomach's digestive system can be longer..

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