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States or situations kim jones back with you if you're not if you like numbers at all and i'm not someone who is wrapped up in stats and i don't do a lot of stats here sometimes sometimes you have to and i don't do a lot of stats on nfl network i don't like it as as a reporter and a conveyor of of information and i don't like it in terms of hearing it so that's why i don't but i do have some appetite for stats and katie sharp on twitter i've mentioned her before here she's remarkable especially during yankees games because if you happen to be someone who's on twitter during the game like i often am she'll put something in context here's one thing about delon who clearly has turned his season around he's been good for a while now dellenbaugh says she had this one last night she's had a bunch that i'll get to some of the others today including when we speak to brian hoke he's my first guest today at four a whoa at five christie at six are very much looking forward to talking to all three of them delon versus the mets just in general tanta third innings pitched case so let's say ten innings pitched ten and the third nineteen strikeouts one walk yes delon has turned his season around and yes if you thought he likes pitching against the mets he does and the numbers prove it with go to freddie in new jersey you're next with him on the fan what's up freddie came it's lovely hearing your dulcet tones on the station thank you for calling and it wasn't a collect call either so you know there you go couple of quick things it's going to be on if you can there's talk about who's gonna fill in that spot for the pitcher for the picture you know that he's hurt.

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