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No thank you you can go yes absolutely. Get the dog back in. Yeah so i know. It's one of those movies. That's a little hard to talk about. Because we do spend so much time with just her in the bed and you know the version of her that she is seeing and the version of gerald that she seeing just kind of bickering and forth. So is there anything specific that you want to touch on. Because i think there are still a few little details we could dive into but overall anything on your end. Well i mean one thing. I definitely wanted to be sure to mention was that you can really tell that. Flanagan is a constant reader because he constantly drops these random king references throughout the film. And it's one of those things where you know if you don't if you haven't read the dark tower. He says all things serve the beam. And you're like okay. Sure okay gerald but you know us. We're like oh that puts the dark tower. It's like these. Little easter egg treats for us. And i just it's it's really masterful the way he's able able to you know kinda we've those in without alienating someone who you know might not get it and you know. He calls the dog cujo at some point. And that's a term that so many people use i think whether or not they've read the source material even like anyone sees like this dog barking. Its head off or chomping on something. Oh there's cujo so it's always fun to catch those little things. One thing that was not a king reference that i did catch though that is definitely like a mike flanagan reference. Now is the fact that the book she pulled off the shelf. There was midnight mass. Yes i that's not something. I noticed the first time. I watched say when i watched it this time i was like oh like i was very excited about it and it was like fresh in my mind because i had just watched the trailer for it. So the fact that we're doing this now at that happened i was like oh i see what you're doing mike flanagan. You're playing chess and the rest of us are playing checkers. And on top of that in highs. That's the book that she's writing the the main seghal. Yeah so it's like it's like a like mike. Flanagan universe that. He's kind of cultivating which is just. I'm beyond here for it. Yeah yeah. I think if he is down for movies tv shows whatever i am in and i would say this is the movie that necessarily cemented that for me. It was probably more so the haunting of hill house. If i'm being honest and then you know this doctor slip. He's just he has such a track record. And i know their stuff. He's done that people. Don't love which you're going to have that with every person in film and tv you're going to have things you love and things you don't love but you know this is definitely topped here. This is a very good king. Add up patient and you know. I have sat through many bad ones. Many many bad loans and it's always so nice and refreshing despite he dire situation and the horrific things that happened in this to get something that understands the source material so well and that's not a knock on any of the other filmmakers. Who have done king adaptations but some of them are based on their circumstances. You know lower budgets. They were tv adaptations. you know. Netflix is throwing money at things. You know if you get something on netflix you you know at least the quality is going to be there. Like you're not gonna find a boom mic in one of the shots like you do in some of the older adaptations. Yeah for sure. And i'm. I'm grateful that i mean i think this film that was a that was a risk especially when they made it that was it was. They took a chance on making gerald's game. And i'm i mean i'm very grateful. I mean a flanagan. Obviously into netflix. Because i mean this could have not been very well received. And i don't know if this would have done well in theaters either just because of the type of movie it is. I mean if you look at horror box office numbers you have the stuff. That's definitely going to do well. And oftentimes it. Is stephen king stuff. But sometimes you know you get a stephen king adaptation near like y-. Maybe this isn't right for theaters. So i think this being on netflix was a good move. Yeah definitely and i mean again like you had said he appreciates and understands. Because i feel like if you put gerald's game in somebody else's hands this could have been. This could have been awful. It could have been even weirder and not in a good way like honestly. Almost none of this movie was about like jesse sexuality or anything like that. It was simply about what had happened to her. The psychological trauma that came with it and her trying to figure out how to deal with it. And even though you know gerald like trying to play this game and acting like he's turned into someone else which is you know to each their own. But no thank you and clearly jesse what are we. What are we trying to do. She was not. She's not down for this either. So i mean yeah no and it seems like the one thing that you can. Maybe say is jesse's fall is the fact that she never told gerald what happened. You know you would think however long. They were into their marriage at that point. He would've known but she still was hiding that from him. And i think that's the only like not even necessarily negative against jesse but that's definitely like the choice. She made right definitely. But i think it was. You know admitting it to gerald would be admitting to herself. And i think that this was just this horrible thing that happened but we're just going to put this in a box and we're gonna put it over here and it's going to be on our mind but we're not going to acknowledge that it's on our mind just like you know the manifestation of herself said you were already in the cuffs. Like gerald. didn't do this. You've been here. you know what i mean. What did you think of the fact that once. She kind of admitted to herself. In that bedroom she was then comfortable going and sharing her story. I think that. Like i mean like you said her never never sharing it never confronting it kind of could be considered the reason that she was in the situation that she was in and so i think she's like oh no you know i'm not going to minimize what happened to me. I'm not going to minimize myself. We're gonna stand up to my dad and to gerald into this. You know ed geene standing was visiting me. you know. She's like there's power in that and taking that back and not being ashamed of it..

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