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I'm christopher johnson and this is one hundred two one the crack legacy based on what i understand it was intended to be a drug smuggling operation it went down right here at 37th and eighth at patrick doors months confrontation with the in why pd delors jones round remembers the story it was about half past midnight under a red awning streaked in health kitchen grime the used to read the distinguished welcome both cocktail lounge the officers approached him about wanting to purchase and their conflicting stories marijuana of crack cocaine delors teaches law in policing at the john j college of criminal justice and she's written about doors smith he was a black man haitianamerican he had some beers with friends at will combo and according to the new york times he stepped outside to get a taxi the report said a plain clothes detective named anthony vasquez approached him and asked him about buying some drugs vasquez in a group of other undercover cops had already made a series of drug arrests in the area that night it's not hard to imagine that dorfmann heard in vasquez's question and insulting stereotype and it pissed him off he said i'm not a drug dealer and became little bit irate they will undercover so he didn't know initially that they were police officers and am some kind of a scuffle ensued the other officers get involved now who takes the first swing how long the fist fight last even what makes officer vasquez pull his gun witness in police accounts don't agree.

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