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I can't look. No, I don't know. I'm not laughing at a loss, not gonna like you're laughing, heavy like yoda's dude had to get up and down from croissant. I want the entertainment value that these two would provide. I will say this, here's the thing. Okay. Look, I will agree with you if you have, if you concede one thing right that the Ryder Cup. 'cause you. Said you want him to go over there and bring the Ryder Cup a home? Yes. Okay. If you now, then you also just said that you want entertainment value? Yes. Okay. So if you concede that the Ryder Cup itself is an exhibition and not a competition, then I will say yes, Phil should go because it will be for entertainment value, but we will not come home with a trophy. And I'm and you know what? I'm fine with that too. If we go look, man, we're just we're going out there to have fun. And you know what? Because the Ridgely this was about growing the game. Yeah, it's about growing a game. So if we're they're having a good time and these are trying to hit these miracle shots all over the place of 'cause we're fills putting them off the tee coup by then I'm in now. We're making concessions to come to an agreement. So now we're negotiating. So you need me. You need me to concede that it's an exhibition out of competition. Correct. Because here's the thing. Everyone says, we've never won over there in a long time and every. Wants to go over there to win. Well, if you're going over there to win, then I want the strongest team possible not the most fun team, not the prettiest team. I wanted to strongest team. I will concede that if you can see that Phil Mickelson's awesome on Twitter. I mean, here's why he's he's the, he's the parent that just figured out something that the kids are doing. Like he just figured out how to use Jeff's. And now all he does on Twitter as us, Jeff's of himself. He did this got us. One of us got our own Jif. Who's at the you have one, I do. I have to know you don't have a GI for yourself? Yes, I do. You do? Yeah. So both of us. Got you. I'm gonna send it to you or you can't like search it and find it. It's not searchable and usable. Okay. Then you don't have a Jif. Okay. So you have one? Yes. How about that? Yeah, I love the, yeah, that false face of a little bit of confusion. Like when I accidentally drafted and fantasy probably and we're going to get to that a minute. The caddy producer Andrew Brooks is giving me his phone because now I'm going to look under. Gifty Gifty Jif. Jif is a peanut butter gif. It's not give it's Jif. Okay, Jif peanut butter? Yes. Yes. Jay, I'm telling you, okay, it's pronounced. Okay. Car seat. We'll get to that. I'm, we're gonna find your Jif here amid look. I, it's, he's one of the great golfers of all time. This is this is last stand at the Ryder Cup, let it happen. I, I don't believe that this has to be as less than what do you mean? You just us two thousand eighteen and nineteen Ninety-four against him. You're telling me he's gonna come back at a couple of years. I'm saying that if he's going to have a going out party a don't want it to be in a nother country. I want him to go out at home and you know how to New York crowd loves him. So the fact that he would get to go out at Bethpage like KOMO, man, if you're going to do a mic drop, walk off the stage, how you gonna walk off the stage at an away crowd. I'm saying, I understand home game. I understand the narrative, but I just don't think why you believe he's going to be more competitive two years from now when he's barely hanging on. Now I didn't say he's going to be more competitive. Two years from now, again is comes back to what I said. Is it. Exhibition or competition. If it's an exhibition and we're giving fill his walk-off, I want him doing it at home. What do you think by the way of Phil and tiger listened the pay per view price at twenty four ninety nine. I ain't paying for it. Watching it..

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