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Am dispatching thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers military personnel and law enforcement officers to stop the rioting looting assaults while giving a statement at the White House trump also noted the curfew put in place for Washington DC will be strictly enforced the mayor of Washington DC is calling out federal police were clearing a protest in front of the White House Uriel Bowser noted the federal police used tear gas and flash bang grenades without being provoked it happened nearly a half hour before her seven PM curfew a Minneapolis store owner regrets the decision that eventually led to George Floyd's death the employee of the store called police on flight last week when they thought he was using counterfeit money to buy some cigarettes this has been an NBC news radio special report I'm Brian shook the Major League Baseball Players Association is submitting a proposal to the league in an effort to start the season it includes an expanded playoff format and one hundred fourteen game season starting on June thirtieth and ending on October thirty first in addition the association is pushing for a hundred million dollars in pro rated salary deferrals if a post season is not played this year giving players the right to opt out of the season this comes as some owners are perfectly willing to cancel the twenty twenty season to save money in Bristol Tennessee Brad Keselowski seizing opportunity after winning the food city five hundred at Bristol because Lossky moved into first after chase Elliott and Joni Lugano drove each other in the wall with a few laps remaining it's the second Sunday in a row Keselowski has one after taking last week's coca Cola six hundred at Charlotte Clint Bowyer took second while Jimmy Johnson finished third that's sports I'm separate all the best podcasts always free this is just one of over twenty five thousand podcasts available on I heart radio ads let's get back to text out all right how do we know science works why have I put so much stock in science while we know science works because our stuff works.

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