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That you're listening to in fact it is. It is happening here in your ears but you know what else is happening here. The world's kinda fallen apart. Well i don't know not the world but the structures in the world that we all relied upon for existence. Shit sure are crumbling anyway. I'm robert evans. This is a podcast about how things are falling apart and how to deal with that shit If you're new to this show maybe check out our first five episodes. They'll catch you up there evergreen. But this week we have special guest and a special conversation to have that i think is going to be edifying for a lot of people I would like to introduce mr joey. I- ube joey. You are a writer and researcher in the host of the fire these times which is a fantastic podcast. Joey how you doing today. I'm i'm operating with the norman parameters. As i said before. I'm impressed by that because i'm i'm constantly in the process of falling apart Which is why. I was late to this. Call joey you want to give our listeners. A little background on yourself. sure Emotionally from lebanon. Honest where i grew up. My family's gonna makes bit of medicines but if it kind of all over the place. And i'm currently in switzerland continuing might be deal. Which one day would actually be done. I i have been told that there's life after Yeah so. That's what i do and i do buckets. I tonight stuff that i probably forgot and E- you wrote a column that i quite a admire for website called laos on which was based on a term that. I think it was the the mango media. Folks came up with and that term is the periphery and and one of the reasons. I think this is useful. So when i grew up and i suspect it was the same. I don't know if it was the same for garrison because he grew up in a weird cult but it was probably the sanford. Christopher the terms we heard a lot for different cut like it was either basically the united states or europe or it was the third world right. Those were the terms that i grew up with and i wasn't. I was like probably seventeen or eighteen. Before i actually learned that the terms i in third world kind of came from the cold war where like the. Us is the first world. The soviet block is kind of the second world and then everyone else that third world. Obviously that's not a great collective noun for referring to any group of anything We try not to use third world and a new term has kind of become more I don't know vogue may be the wrong word. But people start using the global south to refer to Everywhere that's not the us in europe. And you know a handful of other countries and kind of that's not great either because for one thing. A lot of those countries aren't south and i'll say it isn't north either. Yeah yeah so. I'm i'm interested in this. Because there is a use in having kind of collective nouns to refer to groups of people from multiple nations and in the west isn't gonna do for most places And i like this term. The periphery because kind of the way that you in the mangle folks kind of have described it makes a tremendous amount of sense to me and it makes a tremendous amount of sense because it's not trying to group people together based on their relationship to of of a western centered kind of international power dynamics understanding that even a lot of people in the left here kind of fall into where you know You're either a imperialist anti-imperialist but being anti-imperialist means supporting a lot of imperialist powers because they're against whatever imperialist power. You were born into anyway. I wonder if you could start by getting your your explanation. Of what is the periphery. And how do you see that. Yeah so just. Save up funded. I don't expect that term to work every diamond in all contexts. I sheriff exactly. I know someone who works. In development studies had a pretty informative chats about the terms global south Note and she was pretty convincing that they can be useful in certain materials analysis. Certain things so. I'm not i'm not gonna like it doesn't work ever basically but i think what really clicked with me although the number of things that he kicked in one. Is that conversation. When ebola vont on mongan media on their own podcast is one. I've lived in for them and then we had a chat about About the explosion babe with last year. And it's up on the topic off the briefly which they coined coins came about and the best way he described it Which is gonna given the the podcast Now is that when anti authoritarian turks. He's from turkey. See protests in for example. Lebanon hong kong. Which was what they were happening at the same time in two dozen nineteen and issac and other places students on date. They sort of think that it could happen here. Know it can happen in turkey. Essentially which is not the case offend would like leftists leftists leftists. That are speaking the west now obviously exceptions so all of this was not every turkish leftist things like that not every western after like that. But it's kind of a journal tent and for me for example the way i can explain it as a broadcast like it could happen here. Why you're sort of describing a situation that might happen here here in america. Let's say wouldn't necessarily be needed in for example lebanon. Because it's going to help you out and it's been happening for some time now. Yeah and that. That tension in some sense when i would because now even switzerland's i'm in you know in geneva which is as international as at the center in some sense as it gets on most it this tension between my dating life essentially here and what's happening back home on a daily basis is what sort of led me to think about this other term debris here because i felt that at least on an emotional never global south wasn't working as one that makes sense and one of the things. I really find so useful. An admirable about this term. Is that it. It is a. It's a collective noun for referring to a group of people but it separates those people from the state from their government. So you when you're when you're talking about the periphery include people from lebanon People from from palestine people from syria. You're not including the government's you're not. It's not the states. It's the because the people are peripheral to the power of those states into the blocks that those states find themselves in. Which is why you know any any efforts at autonomy on the the communal leveler crushed so violently. Yeah that's for me. Global south it in the term includes the states from the sober global rushing the activists from the socal global south intuitions. That i just needed this. Other layer this other term. That explains that dynamic as well. Yeah and you know. One of the things you were talking about was kind of the way in which a lot of leftists in the united states and chunks of the west will kind of disregard laboratory struggles overseas that don't neatly fit into a very simple ideological category. I'm kind of wondering as a kid who grew up in lebanon. Kind of i'm. I'm going to assume mostly focused on the regional kind of politics. When did you start to realize that. That was something that was going on internationally. Like when did you. Did you realize kind of like you know. I think a lot of folks are took surprised by the reaction of the international left like the arab spring. And i'm kind of wondering. Was that when it hit home for you or did you start to see stirrings of those problems at an earlier. Date.

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