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They they do one little thing. And that one little thing is I want them to fix the traffic on I thirty five Luke three sixty because if they can do that. Then they've shown me that they know what they're doing and you're capable of doing it. But until then no, I I don't wanna see anything like that that that's you can't do that in. It is we live in a town, Tom. You know, this we have and they're good people. But they come. From other parts of the country. And they say we're gonna make Austin like Boston we're gonna make Boston like, Minneapolis. We're gonna make Austin like Chicago New York, we're going to get people on their bicycles or we're going to get them in buses Texans. Don't like buses. Austin like Austin and O F one more thing. I can't believe this. And I gotta say this. I'll get off the line. Okay. I opened my paper the other day on the sports section. Did I see you on the did? You you Dennis fluttering flattering scowling mid popcorn tie, Tom. That was disappointed. There was only one beer in your hand. Instead of on now, buddy. I was scowling Tom because that's when the longhorns were trailing mighty South Dakota state, and my friend, Scott Ferguson was telling us something I have this look like it was not a flattering picture at all. But I did make the front page this sports. I think Austin we should do is next time. We have torrential downpour. Let it come. Let's turn this place into Venice this vanished. Stead of bygone buses we go around and boats. John dollas. Okay. Let's go to Lee Lee has. Calling from Brown highly. Welcome your, hey. Hey, Browett, Texas. Hey, hey. And I would Bramlett from seventy five to seventy eight K, and I can remember when Gordon would come down on Mondays. Practice with the underlings football. Rip them a rain new say if you can't do this you play for the line. Exactly exactly the great Gordon would have brownwood, Texas fame. That's right. I just I was in college. I was in college when you're the time in Brown deer. Yeah. Okay. But the thing being his be remember when Abilene Christian was. ACC ACC Abilene Christian college. Yes. Yeah. Outlook where they are kind of. Yes, I am. I am proud of him Lee because ACC was in the Lone Star conference Abilene Christian Howard, Payne, southwest, Texas State, San Houston, Stephen F, Austin is a great old conference. It was a great conference. It was a great. Thank you for the call. It was a great basketball conference ban in the sixties. I was great because the southwest conference did not have any black basketball player and integrated yet, no. When was this? He said this was in the sixties, I guess shameful that they brought black basketball players and the basketball in the southwest conference around maybe probably around seventy seventy one it's hard to believe hard to believe. So the greatest basketball in the state in the sixties. Of course, they play Utah was integrated. They won the national title. Yeah. Yeah. But the Lone Star conference had some unbelievably great Paul Silas who played for the Spurs went to Stephen F Austin but web play for one of those tablets Midland colleagues in the eighties junior college and Mellon. But okay in in the sixties and early seventies. The best basketball in Texas was the Lone Star conference featuring Abilene Christian college, which is now Abilene Christian university playing Kentucky. They just showed a graphic Kentucky's been in fifty nine NCW tournaments Abilene Christian coming to bat. This is her first one. So what an accomplishment for Emily Christian. I wished I was open that Texas State would get Texas State sort of did not have a great final few weeks of the season. They had a really good..

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