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Making donations to help those in the community to avoid potential scandal encouraged people If you want to donate, be very careful about how you're doing that. I would stare you to the Red Cross. Obviously, Callie to County is managing. That is well. The governor, making his comments at a press conference at noon in high school, which suffered extensive damage school is still closed. Now in the wake of this past week, severe storm activity that killed five people in Alabama Jackson DMC is assisting power restorations in our neighboring state. Couple of contractor crews will be assisting personnel from Alabama power, which serves about 1.5 million customers across the state. Those storms late last week also caused some problems with flooding in our region and Dawson County, for example for people had to be rescued after water started entering their home on Friday. Nobody wins. Kimberly Sizemore tells us what happened there. Early Friday morning, and 911 call alerted the Dawson County Sheriff's office that two females and two Children were trapped in a home where the water was swiftly entering. There was no power to the house so they could not see how to make their way out safely. Also, the river nearby had completely flooded their driveway with several feet of water. When deputies arrived around to 20 in the morning, they found the driveway flooded. They had to wade through the water on foot to carry or assist everyone to safety. The flood victims were temporarily taken to a nearby hotel WD when news time just after 6 34. There is a call to cancel standardized test in the middle of the cove in 19 pandemic, and it's coming from the National Education Association in a pandemic. Becky Pringle is president of the N'Diaye, she says. For more than a year, the coronavirus Pandemic caused many disruptions for students like trying to learn virtually also in the classroom. Under social distancing guidelines, students experienced teachers and family members getting sick, many dying, she says. That's a big factor in getting rid of these tents. All of that. Disruption and chaos honestly for us is educators with were forced to do it if it feels like it's like it's bordering on malpractice. What students need, she says, is more time with their teachers. Georgia officials have also been asking the government to give them a pass on national standardized test this year, and the Gainesville City school system has named Joy Griffin as its new director of marketing, communications and public relations. She'll start the new job. April 1st such an exciting opportunity to be a part of that big red family. I always have been, but it's going to be exciting for that to be part of my career. Griffin is a game still native and the Gainesville High School alumna. She previously served as president of the United Way of Hall County and also his chief administrator with Carol Daniel Construction. Again. This is a new position for the Gainesville City school system. You'll find more news said Access wt You win. All right. Thank you. BJ. Appreciate that Got something here. That's just totally frivolous. I don't know why people come up with this, but I guess so. We'll talk about it on the radio. Of course, Oscar Meyer's got a new product out. And it's not something you can necessarily eat. But I could see where it might get you in trouble. Especially if you happen. Tol have a dog in your house. And there are Oscar my announcing that they're going to be giving out shoe laces that smell like Bacon. They also look like strips of bacon. Okay, because why not? So, uh, I'm not so sure that's a good idea. But whatever you as long as your hands don't get greasy when you try to tie them together like they would with normal strips of bacon. I'm fine. Yeah, I got you. I got you, but my dog would not leave me alone. I mean, my shoes. We really think dogs knowing that your shoes now exactly bacon on him any way you can. You can enter. If you just put some social media out there and hashtag Oscar Mayer, Oscar cook my kicks or Hashtag sweepstakes sweepstakes. Do it By the end of the day on Thursday, 1500 people well, people will win it random or, like a savory stakes, But yeah, I guess it was more like a savory thinks is right. All right, that's all winning. It's a sweep stakes, not a sweet stakes. Well, if there were the sweet stakes it smell like peeps. Yeah, he'd have a smell. Yes, they do. Do they? Really? Yeah. I've never noticed that You've never eaten them. I've eating a ton of them. You have. Yeah. He never has to smell it. Yes, he better hurry. Well, of course I do. I mean, they're down in one bite. They smell like raw sugar is what they said. Yes, they look just because I couldn't. I couldn't discern their smell from all the other candy they were sitting amongst. And not that we have any of these around here. But 7 11 is teaming up with people. You know, we have the peep. See soda Pepsi with peach flavored soda. Okay, So Yeah Peeps and 7 11 have teamed up to make a marshmallow flavored Lata for Easter. Why? That's a good question. It's yellow in color, which we all know that you know That's a very natural thing. I feel like I feel like Jeff Gold Bloom from Jurassic Park. He spent so much time thinking about whether or not you could that you didn't stop to think whether or not you should weigh need to put that on a T shirt that actually applies. In this case, I will give you as much as I like people. I don't know that I want to drink them. Forecast coming up in just a second. I'll take a look at what you can expect from the weather. Today. The rain really is going to be with us this people with weak but not for at least 36 hours, 48 hours, So I'm pretty good shape in that regard. News brought to you in part by the Northern Agency, along with King Green and conditioned air systems. Wdun time 6 38 with mornings on Main Street. It takes more than just seats, Rain and sun to make a garden grow. It takes love to your German food bank knows that love means making sure that families like mine have food, but they can't do it alone. They need all of us to hope. Grows The Garden.

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