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Blocking the whole frontage road eastbound main lanes are rubbernecking I'm sky my chemical because windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center big heat high right on top of us with tips up to ninety degrees this afternoon busting daily records from the nineteen thirties here in Houston yesterday US other parts of the state on the border had triple digit heat for the first time seventy three degrees our low tonight and then that big heat high makes way moving to the east this weekend making way for some showers on Saturday at a high of eighty degrees I'm meteorologist Scott Laurie more the weather channel sunny breezy eighty eight advocate here H. weather center twelve thirty one our top story the house is nearing a final vote on the roughly two trillion dollar stimulus measure largest rescue package in U. S. history speaker Nancy Pelosi says the nation faces economic and health emergency of historic proportions house Republican leader Kevin McCarthy calls it a commitment to do everything possible to help Americans president trump says he'll sign the bill soon as he gets it right now Wall Street not happy the Dow down seven hundred twenty five the nasdaq down two hundred twenty eight S. and P. five hundred down seventy six oil at twenty one twenty seven president trump calling on GM to open up its shuttered Lordstown Ohio plant to make ventilators president criticized the company's CEO saying she promised to deliver forty thousand of them quickly but now only says they can have six thousand built by late April he also says the company wants top dollar the famous crosswalk on the Beatles Abbey Road album cover is getting a fresh paint job since the city of London is an walked down the highway department decided to good time to give the landmark a fresh coat of paint Bob Dylan out with a single for the first time in eight years and it's a seventeen minute track about the JFK assassination called murder most foul our next update out one of now more of the Rush Limbaugh show I'm Scott kroner news for your certain forty K. T. R. H. this report is sponsored by express pros dot com losing sleep over a stressful job.

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