North Korea, Geiger, Palestinian Authority discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


An expiration blind. Real honest opinion Whitehouse's ordering the Palestinian Authority to close its offices in Washington. DC spokesman for thority president what mood applause says that will damage the Mideast peace process. White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders. Disagrees. Certainly we have a great deal of support with our friend and ally in Israel. But again, we are as committed today as we've ever been to the peace process heartened by a military parade in North Korea over the weekend for what wasn't in it, a torchlight parade in Pyongyang ending a government orchestrated celebration of the seventieth anniversary of the founding of North Korea on display troops, tanks and guns. But no long range missiles capable of hitting the US with a nuclear warhead past parades. Instead. Thousands of civilians Boxton sang the praises of the country's economy. And of course, their leader Kim, Joe moon, the parade sends a positive signal. That can Joan Lon is not showing off his nukes still talks with the regime or badly. Stuck new reports? Backed by Fox News sources claim North Korea continues to build nuclear weapons, maybe as many as eight this year and could be concealing them in Seoul, South Korea. Greg palkot, Fox News Dallas protests over the shooting of a black man by a white cop. Amber, Geiger has been charged with manslaughter. But that case will go before a grand jury that could indictor on murder charges Geiger says she mistakenly entered the wrong apartment over the weekend and fired. She believed was a burglar in her apartment families attorneys for the victims say neighbors have offered conflicting testimony. Another lawsuit against the keystone. Excel oil pipeline attorneys for the fort Belknap and Rosebud Sioux tribes suing the State Department on Monday asking a court to rescind the permit for the keystone excel oil pipeline charging the Trump administration hasn't fully considered the potential damage to Indian burial grounds and other cultural sites. Jack callaghan. Fox News Radio..

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