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And i think that alternately if you have that if you have that thought process then you're going to potentially run into some issues so i think that ultimately what you wanna have is again. That bullpen pitching is what needs to be addressed. You need to go out and get that bullpen pitching because it clearly. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't great and the fact that you have your former closing kirby. Yates really struggling. And he was way behind able. That's a little worrisome. Curb gates was forty. One saves a couple of years ago he was. I'm if i'm not mistaken. The relief man of the year. You know the closer of the year. And the same thing with chris paddack. I mean. I'm just not impressed with chris. Paddock yet an alright season. Fifty eight ks in fifty nine innings of work you know nothing spectacular and in all honesty you add snow and you add darvish. That's gonna jump up the strikeout numbers on this team. Who already had really good strikeout numbers mainly because of dinelson lamet. But i think that if you you know once you get clemenger back you're going to be just fine and i mean just imagine this. They signed trevor bauer. And then this year. They've got bauer limit. Snell and darvish and then clemenger comes back you know or they probably would keep paddock around because they really like paddock. And then they come back the next year and then paddock may to move to the bullpen. Or maybe they trade him and now you've got clever you've got bauer darvish smell and limit. That would be literally. I think the best baseball pitching rotation ever literally ever and they are on the verge of that. They are very close to that if they can strike a deal with trevor bauer. It's all she wrote. I really do believe that. But i'm curious to see who else they could go after i would be interested to seeing them. Maybe getting a backup shortstop tobacco. Totti's you maybe share that responsibility like didi gregorius. But in all honesty gregorian starting shortstop. I mean there's no need for him to be a backup. So i think that that would be kind of ill. Advised move on their part to go out and get him. But i definitely think that if they can go out and add if the d. h. goes universal d. h. And then if they can go out and add some bullpen pitching. I think that they're going to be completely set. I think that there's going to be absolutely no holes in this lineup. There's going to be absolutely no you know kind of Weaknesses in this team at all. Because they're going to be that good. Cronin worth has the ability. I think to be a consistent. All-star tatas on his way to being an mvp caliber player. If he's not already there you eric. Hosmer has been very consistent. very good. wil myers is another guy who big power bat. Trent grisham has the potential to be a really good al as well and then you obviously have manny machado who is well on his way to having a potential future hall of fame career. So i just hope that they can make the make the moves that they need to make. They need to address. Maybe one or two more things but that's it right. I mean they don't in all honesty they don't have to worry about the diamondbacks. I don't think they'll have to worry about the rockies. I think the giants will be good in two years three years. I don't think they'll be that good this year. So really is just the dodgers and i think right. Now they're technically i feel. There's a step ahead of them kind of at least there at the same level playing field and that might have been why they wanted to go out and get that pitching because over for the dodgers got walker bueller there. You've got clayton kershaw there. You've got david price there. You've got kenley jansen coming out of the bullpen. And i think that right. There is the difference. You've got an elite closer coming out of the bullpen in la. And you don't really have that san diego. And i think that's going to be why this team kind of you know they might not be able to get over that hump if you will if they don't go out and get that really good bullpen. Pitching that really good closer and again. I should go after guy like alex colom or a guy like liam hendriks somebody that can come in. Shut things down in two innings one inning. Whatever it might be and be a difference maker. And i think that's what they're missing right now they just don't have that but i think they'll eventually that and again we're not even you know we're halfway through this. Offseason february is approaching. But it's still a little ways away. We still have at least two months to go and we still have a lot of figuring out of where these free agents are going to land and where they might wind up and what kind of moves teams making what moves some other teams might not make so. There's a lot of uncertainty still. But i think one thing is for certain. This padres team has put themselves into a totally different conversation than they were in this past year and they were in a really good conversation but i think now they have elevated that and i think that they are again one step closer to being a world series talk kind of team so i mean it's going to be very interesting. I'm very interested in this season..

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