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For joining us on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon. It's one O 8. Slower clock trains. Call Michael and son and get $100 off a trained cleaning today. Traffic and weather on the 8s, let's go to Rita Kessler in the WTO traffic center. But we're definitely still seeing delays on the beltway in prince George's county the crash was reported as on the inner loop after route 50 near the hardware guard more drive over pals that was a report of a wreck so we definitely do have delays on the inner loop coming off of route 50 headed past the scene the outer loop seeing a little bit of rubber necking also two 14 central avenue in the area of one 93. This was supposed to be a work crew they were doing some paving in the area, so watch for crew direction around, but definitely seeing delays both on two 14 and one 93 along that stretch. Now the northbound Baltimore Washington Parkway, the delay begins at four ten solid heading toward powder mill road, not sure if there's anything reported there at powder mill road. We didn't have reports of any work zones or anything there. Southbound southbound Parkway slows before one 75 passing 32. The earlier delays on southbound 95 are easing so the work near the patuxent river bridge may in fact have cleared, but southbound route one is still slow headed toward whisky bottom road, so watch for the crash activity. Interleave above the beltway a little heavy from three 55 around past Connecticut, not seeing any delays on the outer near two 70 where there had been a report of a wreck. Then slow from the merge with this bird of Georgetown pike, your inner loop delay out of tysons to Georgetown pike, the left lane blocked both ways with the work, but the inner loop is also starting to slow trying to get onto the northbound two 70 spur. This was a mobile work crew moving toward the merge with two 70 taken the right lane. It's a street sweeping crew. Northbound George Washington Parkway, the delays are passing spout run Parkway, with a single lane getting by the work. The earlier work inside the beltway on westbound 66 should be cleared. That delay his ease, the southbound 95 slows crossing the Aquaman, then out of dumfries in stretches all the way into Fredericksburg, not sure if this is getaway traffic, northbound 95 is heavy approaching and passing thornburg that after route one in Fredericksburg had a past route three, and then you're going to find the volume off and on in Stafford trying to head into triangle also volume getting into Dale City and woodbridge after you cross the aqua and it looks good all the way

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