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Could you change your mind tomorrow. You wake up tomorrow differently or anything. I just don't see us going in the right direction with the offense and that's my job my responsibility. I think bobby. Bare was the quarterback at this point or aaron brooks. We don't have people who make ways when the chances are. They're so he's very sad coach. We'll see that good of a coach right now. Pretty good team but they broke him. Those fucking eighties bears teams where they do coke in fucking have sex with girls. Locker room and halftime. That didn't break them him owning a string of steakhouses that that close that then break him him talking about beating his wife. Autobiography also break grim. You know him frigging drop ball in the end zone vs dallas cowboys games for the bears tight end. That didn't break him starting. Jim harbaugh quarterback for the bears. That didn't bring him. But are you familiar with the the coach. Jim mora who coached. Who was this. Yes he was he was he was the guy who came well legacy of nonsense. He's the guy who came. Here's the guy who coached the saints before mike ditka now jim mora got so frustrated at a public access. Sports show that he called in. I know i'm just saying this is the fucking greatest thing. Watch that game. It should be good. Let's go to line one coach. Jim moore is on the line. Hey coach i don't have the office in our facility and Robert gunn guard had the Show on. I just happened to walk in here. Watch it. I gotta tell you it makes me almost wanna be very honest with you first of all you absolutely have. No idea can tackle. And who can't tackle you're sitting back saying. They need to work on tackling drill. Just gotta can tackle. This guy can't tackle. You'd never come practice. We have no idea how much time we spend on tackling for you to say but we have a bunch of roughnecks back. Dan the need to learn how to tackle this ridiculous nod and say that i didn't get comes from ever have your sharp because what i do occasionally one of our nick responds to people's bad. Yeah that's interesting that's nice. It's the best and so. Jim nez like he's coaching an internationally recognized sports team. He's a famous person right. Maybe not as famous back then as he is now and as you know are now but this is a like in a filmed in a basement public access tv. Show in new orleans and he's calling them up from the facility being like fucking. I may have been more famous than yeah. Yeah you still remember. But now this one's for you craig. Great say this my own and guess who. They guess who he lost to that day. Your singing the lowly two thousand eight seattle seahawks coach by jim moret junior synchronised senate this mysticism synchronicity. Wow jim moret you take a step back and you look at it and you think hey you know what i'm here it's on we're gonna make it work working hard. We're going to go out there and it's gonna change right now it will change and i'm not trying to tell you something it's not like that okay but i want you to understand where i'm coming from won't change not sure what he's really lost the pipeline. It will change you'll be. You'll have a chance to comment after figure out the formula. I've formula i formula. Is this i. If i was a manager at a restaurant i would number one number two. We are not a charity cannot give them the game. I thought it was a great coach. That's a really good wine. He just had a bunch of shifted drafted a bunch of the defense they drafted vernon scrub about about the crowd misery. Misery and the press the press said. Did you hear that the press about the press said you know what the question okay when the when the press when the press feels so bad for you. Oh it's like it's like tom and jerry cat-and-mouse like classic enemies right. When the the press feels bad free was a coach and says you're doing great keep going. It's actually like at tom. And jerry. Bit yes yes and then he keeps going. I might play this offering through because he says someday fucking rocky level shifts. I told everybody at the very beginning of the week. I will not tolerate Players about them. What is about the team this we cannot make. We cannot make decision that cost the team. And then come off the sideline his nonchalant i. This is how i believe okay. I'm from the old school. I believe this. I would rather play with ten people. And just get penalized all the way until we got to be something else. Rather than play with eleven. When i know that right now that person is not sold out to be a part of this team it is more. Then why didn't he. Why was he the coach. For ten years i played. Speech cannot win with them. Cannot coach with them. Can't do it. what do you want. I want winners to win. My less bare mattress said you were there with a. I won't winners this whole. I showed the intro to my set. Was this whole speech. And then i want winners. I want people who wanna win for. I'm not kidding for like five minutes and it was really loud and people are like what's going on here and then right into the it's great. It's really good. I do want winners. I do want people who wanna won't win. It's fucking you know it's the toast of the town. I love saying stuff to create. as he's like. Okay i can. He actually mentioned something about. Oh my mom just woke up and so did i. But because know ryan i love ryan but when he says my mom just woke up and so did i. It makes them sound like they share a bed. Share a bed. Well my mom woke up. And i kissed her on the forehead and said. Don't worry honey. I'm gonna make you breakfast in bed because you song good last night. He He was talking about how he needs a bigger bed because he can't fuck bitches in a twin. Yes you did it for years trust you. Can you can put the blocks to pretty much. Anyone you put the blocks to pretty much anyone on a fucking twin bed. You might the changing positions. The changing of the guard might be a little complicated. We'll get to that in a minute. Craig with position craig. Then we're gonna get ready strategy. We've got a top five. That's just for you craig..

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